Placenta on front wall??

Happy new year ladies hope u are all well!

i haven't been on much as I have hyperemesis and ended up in hospital for a few days image im feeling better but still struggling to stop being sick. 

Anyway i had my scan on Monday which confirmed I'm around 10 weeks not 12 so I need to go back on the 17th for another can but the woman told me that my placenta is on the front wall of my uterus not the back where it is meant to be. Silly me was too busy watching baby on the monitor (I wasn't paying much attention to the woman as I was only discharged from hospital 30 mins before my scan) to ask what that meant and if it affects the pregnancy etc. does anyone have experience of this? I also found out I now have a fibroid which wasn't there before it must have only developed in the last year or 2 as I didn't have it during my last pregnancy. 




  • I think mine was on the front with my first pregnancy. Didn't affect anything at all other than it seems to cushion the kicks. I felt it quite late and I didn't feel a lot compared to other people. Hope that helps.
  • Yeah, that's silly of her to worry you like that, unnecessarily.  Mine was anterior with my son,and is anterior again now.  It just means that the kicks will be harder to feel, so you'll probably feel baby moving a little later than you'd expected.  It's only an issue if the placenta covers your cervix at all (or even gets close to it).  x

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