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FAO Era9 ref bibs!


I got my bandana bibs yesterday and I love them! They are practical too - he's had one on all morning and while the bib is soaked his top is dry. Thank you so much for the link!

How are you getting on with the FFing? Did you settle on a way of making the bottles up in advance? I love that other people can feed LO tho am getting really bored of washing up and sterilising! Never mind, got to be done.

K x


  • Hey

    So glad you like them and obviously LO will like them as he looks so trendy!! ha ha!!

    I agree, sterilising is beginning to become a massive chore!! I wasnt with it at all today and went to get a bottle for LOs feed, but i hadnt actually made any up!!! Argh!!! So had LO screaming while Mummy boiled kettle, mixed, cooled etc. Its fair to say he wasnt best pleased!

    We make them up with boiling water that we've left to cool a bit and then put in fridge for when we need. It works best for us, but its an age old debate that will go on forever im sure. None of my Mummy friends do it the same!!!

    Hows you LO?? Was it your appointment this week at hospital?xx
  • Era found some on eBay that are snug around the neck and backed with fleece to stop dribble ending up on his top.

    Era doesn't trying to cool a bottle feel like the longest process in the world!

    He had his appt last week, we're just waiting for a physio appt now. it was nice that someone listened for once.

    Thanks again x
  • We have used Dribblebusters and loved them. Must say these are the best ones out of all the ones we have used. They may not be the cheapest but they certainly are the most effective and wear the longest.

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