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hospital bag checklist



  • ive already packed them in thanks for reminding me about doing my other half a bag ready! its all feeling scary and real now my bags waiting! xx
  • Argh, I hate this stage, have all I need ready prepped in my bag but can't help but feel I've missed something really obvious despite having double checked and triple checked the list. I'm as ready as I can be for bubs to arrive but somehow still feel I'm going to be kicking myself with 'Oh yeah, that's what we forgot'.
  • hi

    can't see nappies on there, although im sure you have them!

    3 vests and babygros can be used just in the first 24 hours when babies are very pooey and sicky, id pack more in case you stay longer.

    i second sugary snacks for labour - lucozade tablets in case you are sick and dont want to eat, to keep contractions up. Food for your OH (the hospital won't give him food and you don't want him leaving you at an important moment)

    have you thought about hiring a tens machine - they're brilliant. Got mine from mama tens online ??27 for 6 weeks hire, they wont despatch till 37 weeks but will get it to you the next day if necessary.

    Im a bit worried about coming home outfit - not at all sure what ill be able to wear! x
  • Coming home outfit will normally be something loose fitting but pretty. You'll still have a baby bump for a while, all be it a rather deflated one. Again if you have stitches from a c-sec you'll want the comfort factor from loose floaty clothes.
  • i think you're right, but have been wearing mat dresses and skirts for ages due to warm weather and with a bump all out front, the waistband on trousers feels very restrictive now.

    Was kind of looking forward to wearing something else :lol:

    i bought some tiny mat jeans from new look before i had a bump that became too small very early on - an under the bump band which basically just made them stretchy like tracksuit bottoms - not enough for pregnany! :lol: im thinking they might come in handy for the days after. Theres always trusty leggings too, with a long well covered top of course! x
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