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I love my bedroom at the moment, can only get comfy lying on my bed. Anyone else the same.

Maybe tmi but its the only room apart from the bathroom were i can get in the nuddy lol, Hate clothes


  • I always live in my comfiest pjs when i'm home anyway. Can't get comfy anywhere though! Can't sit up straight as baby puts pressure on my ribs, so unless i keep my hand pressed just below my boob it's not comfy. If i slouch on my previously super comfy sofa i get back ache, and bed just wrecks my hips coz i can't lie on my back. Can only lie so long on one side before my hip hurts and then it's like a military manouevre to roll over - and that's even with my many pillows! Oh well, 8 weeks and counting! image
  • I love my bed too =) sooooo much!! I too live in my pj's when at home, I hate wearing clothes :lol: through the door and strip off :lol:

    but....When I was pregnant on Cai I went to bed for an hour one afternoon, someone knocked on the door and startled me, I jumped out of bed and answered the door, the postman just stood staring at me and me at him as if to say 'what? Is my hair a mess?' only to look down and realise i was topless :? I must have got hot and taken my top off while sleeping and just not have noticed...needless to say I never ever ever looked at that poor postman again :lol:
  • I am exactly the same! I am going to bed earlier and earlier because of it ! My sofa almost feels too slouchy now!
  • I agree bed is the most comfiest place at the moment :lol: the sofa is just hard work xx
  • Tough call. I find that after a few minutes in bed I wind up with cramping legs and numb arms. Sitting on the sofa I have to have a cushion supporting back to avoid backache. Depending on how I'm sitting and what position 'Flutterbump' decides to adopt at the time I get painful ribs, heartburn or the tender hips and groin area. Starting to feel like whatever I do to get comfy, I don't stay comfy for very long. :lol:
  • Now it is really hard to find the right bed for your baby. Most of them are ugly or way too expensive (for what they want so much money?!) Luckily I managed to find a cheap bunk beds for my kids image

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