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nappy bins.

a few people have recommended tommee tippee's- but which one? So many to choose from!


  • we have the white one with purple bits on it. i think it's the older style but my sister has the syngenic one and it's fab.
  • I had one on Megan and hated it. Cleaning it out was horrible so we haven't bothered this time. Just got a load of nappy sacks and a small bin for her nursery and will empty it every day. All my friends have the TT one though x
  • We've got the sangenic one. USed it with the special liners at first but it got expensive so now we just tie into nappy sacs then put in the bin. May buy the wrappers again for this one in the beginning just for ease. THink ours will need changing twice a day with baby and toddler's nappies! x
  • hmm... lots of mixed views.
  • I'm not bothering this time, I kept forgetting to empty it last time because I'm a big tramp :lol: So I got rid! Isla is just out of nappies at 27mnths but the last year or so we just put hers straight out in the bin outside
  • Got the sangenic at boots with the voucher that was either in the Bounty or the Emma pack- can't remember which, made it very cheap so going to give that a go.
  • which bounty pack was this, Wifey? I got the pregnancy one, but I think I've so far missed out on the mum to be one, as it says I need to redeem at Sainsburys. There's no sainsbury's for miles!
  • I have got the tommy tippee one, we live on the top floor and my husband works away so cant go out to the bin often. all of my friends used it and were happy with it!

  • LM- would have either been the 2nd bounty (can get the at boots too not just sainsburys) or one of the 1st 2 emmas diary packs (you print the voucher and pick up from a lloyds chemist or an argos)

    one of them had a sangenic voucher, the other had an angel care voucher so depends which you prefer
  • We have the angelcare one since we got a voucher in the bounty pack. If I remember rightly we only had to pay ??5 and are still using it two years later.
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