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Scan and appointment updates.

In the order it all happened lol

Scan- All well, she now weighs 5lb 9ox (6oz in 12 days), she is still breech and has made no effort to turn at all image We got to see her sticking her tongue out and open and closing her mouth and then they showed us her breathing, it was amazing, she has really chubby cheeks now. I am booked to have a scan in 2 weeks to check her position and decide what happens from there.

Diabetic clinic- I don't have to see them again image they are going to send me a report to explain what will happen while I am in labour. They would like me to feed her within half an hour of birth to reduce the risk of her sugars dropping.

CTG monitor- All well, lovely strong heartbeat, nice movements (mainly kicks to my bladder though)

Consultant- Seeing him again in 3 weeks, this will be to discuss birth options. If she is still breech we will attempt to turn her at this appointment, 50% chance of it working and apparently its harder on larger ladies image if she wont turn then they will book my section. If she is head down (keeping fingers crossed) then I will be given the official date for induction along with an information pack.

So, thats been my LONG day...I have only just got home and I am sooo tired. Here's the latest scan pic, she is looking at you.


  • Wow, you were busy today. Glad you're all done with the diabetic clinic image . As for consultants and baby turning, there's still time yet, she may just be waiting until last minute so she's not having blood rush to her head whilst upside downimage . Nice pic of her.
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