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after some reassurance...

hi all,

Just want to reassure myself. I am 32 weeks and the past two days my movements seem to have decreased. They have gone from quite strong and lots of to what i can only describe as bigger movements but less frequent. my sensible side is just telling me that babba is sleeping more and has less room to move. Plus i have been really busy these last couple of days but just wondered if anyone else has noticed this.

SB x


  • if you are at all worried then call your midwife and get checked out. it could be a case of baby running out of room and getting head down ready. are you feeling more then 10 movements a day?
  • Been feeling the same hun and the movements are not like kicks anymore, they are more like twists and turns if that makes sense. I was checked yesterday and all was fine. Give your midwife a call hun x
  • I had exactly the same sensations at about 32 weeks. Best thing I found was to have a big glass of orange juice and then lie down and stroke my tummy - baby squiggled loads after that xx
  • As the others have said it is possible that baby is shorter on room now and is also nearing position to engage ready for labour and birth. As torch described it your movements will probably start to feel more like tossing/wriggling from side to side instead of thumps and kicks. If you are concerned then don't be afraid to talk to your MW about it.
  • Like the others have said are you getting your ten. Spoke to my midwife about this the other day and she said it was the baby running out of room and moving differntly.

    if your worried contact your fetal assessment unit
  • Hi everyone,

    As predicted after i posted that baby wriggled loads!!! The power of the forum. Just tired, emotional and paranoid at mo!

    getting my 10 an hour so know it is ok but as some of you suggest they are more squirms and twists than jabs and kicks. Midwife thought that baby was head down already so that also could be a reason. baby keeps sticking bottom and back out so i end up with an uneven bump!!!

    Thanks for your replies ladies. i knew everything was ok but just feeling a bit low at mo. oh well finish at 14.00 tomorrow.

    SB x
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