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Poorly me :-( (with tmi)

Feeling a bit sorry for myself today. image Been on stupid iron tablets for nearly a month, and been pretty constipated the whole time. Then for the last week i've felt nauseous and had wind and stomach cramps, culminating in diarrheoa which i've now had since wednesday. Was so painful last night i was just curled up in a ball on the bed coz it was the only way to stop it hurting. So after freaking myself out that i was about to go into labour (i've read that diarrheoa often happens a few days before labour) i've been to the doctors today. Which wasn't really much help - she said it might be viral, in which case it should go away soon, or it could be bacterial - so i've got to give in a stool sample before 2.30pm today - but i don't know if i'll need to go again before then! Taken day off work and just feeling miserable. Just gonna spend the day drinking lots of water so little man doesn't get dehydrated. Every illness just feels so much worse when you're worried about the effect on the baby. image


  • Oh poor you! Its rotten to feel like that, even more so when your pregnant. Hope you manage your sample (nothing like having to poop under pressure) and hope you feel better soon!

  • This is so strange!

    Iv been constipated for pretty much my entire pregnancy (sorry tmi!) and was put on Iron Supplements about 2 months ago and thought 'oh no, im gonna be even more bunged up now!'.

    Until last weekend, i had a bit of tummy pain and had diarrhea all day, and iv had it pretty much for the last 5 days since! Its been on my mind too that its my body 'preparing itself' for the birth and got me a little worried!

    Isnt it strange though how all of a sudden we have diarrhea?!?! In the end i put it down to having some kind of bug as iv had quite a bit of tummy pains too!

    I didnt have the diarrhea as much yesterday and today but im definitely going more than i have been! Would love to know what it is!

    Iv also had trapped wind almost everyday for the last week or so too....i hate all these naff side effects of the pregnancy!

    Thanks goodness today is my last day at work and i can chill at home from now on!

    Hope your's clears up quicklyimage
  • If its viral, get them test you for it to be on the safe sides. xxx
  • How close are you to finishing iron tablets. Mine gave me constipation, blackened stools and eventually piles. I stopped taking them after 3wks and suffered a brief spell of diaorrhea/looser stools before things returned to normal (about 3days). Hope you feel better soon.
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