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I hit THE wall

afternoon all, hope your all enjoying your weekend. Its official, I am heavily pregnant and I hit the wall, you know the one, where sleep is your best friend, you live in your pj's and your hair hasn't seen a brush in at least 3 days.

I am exhausted. I am not sleeping well at all, every time I move I am in pain image we have been decorating the girls bedrooms for the last week and today was my 'sort it out' day, I had so many plans to get everything in its place and well.....I went back to bed :lol: I can't walk far at all any more, even just standing for too long hurts.

I didn't think I would say this just yet but...


I have honestly just had enough now, I am ready to have this baby, I am ready to get my body back and be pain free. I don't care about sleepless nights as long as I am not in pain. I am seeing the consultant on the 11th and I am going to beg that they bring my induction forward (as long as baby will be ok of course)

Anyway, enough of my moaning, how are all of you? please don't tell me your fab and still glowing, jogging, even doing house work because I may just cry :lol:


  • G/C from DIJuly just to say I feel your pain. It is my due date today, I was up all night last night with lots of pains down below - so much so that I was convinced that my waters were about to break because the pressure just felt too much. The baby was wriggling like crazy and I couldnt barely stand, but then........ i fell asleep! 18 hours later I am still pregnant with no sign of my baby arriving!

    Roll on friday when I can have a sweep and beg my midwife to induce me! x
  • I know exactly how you feel!

    32+2 and have had enough!

    Constantly feeling sick, gone off my food, dizziness, high temp, no sleep, very tired, cramping pretty much all day every day, lots of tightenings, lots of pressure and baby is still barely moving!

    Got monitoring tomorrow at 8.30am, growth scan at 9.15am and consultant at 9.40am!

    I am going to tell them exactly how crap i am feeling and ask for my induction to be bought forward!! My MW said it may end in that anyways as baby isn't moving very well at all image

    Can't wait to just have my little princess here, to see she is safe and sound.

  • Im feeling it too!

    Cant go anywere as i get really bad pains im housebound and ive got 5 weeks 5 days left until induction if he dosnt make his debut sooner!
  • hi torch g/c from dia, feel your pain.

    36+3 today, foot under right rib as usual - have to sleep with pillow between my thighs on my side and have to pee 3 hourly.

    Have perfected rolling on my side prior to sitting up as tummy muscles are non existent! Sick of looking like a heffer in everything and for all i know could be another 6 weeks. Constantly scanning for stretch marks too as my belly is like a giant elongated boiled egg and feel there can't be any more give. My belly button is indescribable! Dont know what ill look like afterwards image

    went shopping with my mum and she got all self concious as she said people were staring at me. Im a freak show! :lol: never mind that im 30 and happily married - im a big pregnant heffer now. I do a couple of hours housework or nip out somewhere and feel like ive been up for 24 hours and ache all over. Thankfully ive finished work and i have no idea how anyone works later! I will not cope with going post dates, in fact, even waiting till my due date will seem an hope this makes you laugh a little bit image
  • IT's definitely time for some September babies (the ones due early on anyway!) I know it's a couple of weeks until baby is 'term' but I'd happily have them in my arms now.

    Walking is a struggle now which I'm hating as last time, could still manage 3 mile walks at a week overdue! Just feeling massive, tired, not sleeping well and new stretch marks developing - YUK!!

    Come on 37 weeks then I can, guilt-free, will baby into this world!
  • Im just an emotional wreck. Ive had a horrible pregnancy and I really wanted to enjoy this one as it will be the last!!! Im 31 weeks on friday. Got a scan in the morning because one of the babies only put on 3oz in a fortnight so having my doppler scan on the placentas and cord to see how there baring up. Ive got a feeling that they're gonna deliver at 34 weeks or earlier as its not good he isnt growing and they've sed better out than in if thats the case!! So maybe il be on of the first, we'll see xxxx
  • I'm not sure if I've hit the wall yet! Have some horrid pains and the heartburn is a killer but I'm not quite ready for baby to be here yet, I have 2 kids already so it can be v tiring but I want to try and enjoy it too as it will be my last - hard to do when baby is sticking its foot in my ribs/headbutting my cervix :lol:
  • I DEFINATELY WOULD LIKE TIME TO GO A BIT QUICKER!! these last 2 weeks i have being an emotional wreck crying at little things.. being stressed trying to get my house all decorated and sorted as well as juggerling work. Getting bigger by the day and i am working on my feet all day so the pressure on my back and feet is killing me.. i am so ready to get my body back too, i have developed tiny dots on my side which are the dreaded strechmarks.. when my belly does getting bigger, which it will in the last weeks i am sure these sterchmarks will get bigger. Piles are causing me pain too, cant wait 4 it to be over x
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