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Low lying placenta scan on friday`

Hi Ladies,

Well as the title suggests I am back to hospital on friday to see if my low lying placenta has moved or whether we need to re-scanned in 2 weeks to see if we need a c section.

I know the odds are on my side and it will be nice to see my little one again but still a bit scared of the outcome. Is anyone else having one of these?



  • Oh no.Well i hope that it moves away so you don't need a section.I have consultant tomorrow but not sure if i have a growth scan or just a check up.i am very small this time so think he may do one.x
  • Hi Tulip,

    Hope it has moved for you. Try not to worry too much!

    SB x
  • Hey, I didn't this time but did with dd and luckily it had moved, good luck!
  • Helloo. Had mine yesterday after scare I'm hospital, thread to follow! Mine had moved out the way as was low lying at 20 weeks. Good luck for yours! They took baby measurements too which was nice and got a new pic!
  • Hi,

    Well I'm back from my scan and all was well.

    Their computers were broken so I have no report or photos but she thinks his head id just clear of the placenta which is great news!

    They couldn't guess his weight due to the computer issues but all his measurements were fine and the fluid was healthy so it seems he was just lying in a weird position at the midwife's. image

    Thanks for your comments above.
  • Yay good news ! Glad all is well. Not long now ! :?
  • Glad everything is where it should be x
  • Fab news lovely xx
  • Glad you can go ahead with natural birth hun, great news! xx
  • great news that everything is ok.

    SB x
  • Glad all went well for you and baby. Shame about the computers being down though, technology hey.
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