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Waters breaking

Twinkle_Pink posted a thread last week about not being sure if her waters had broken..

Ladies that have had babies before - how does it usually feel?

I have (sorry tmi) quite a bit of discharge and midwife says as long as doesn't smell etc then fine..but when waters break is it really obvious??

Sorry if I sound a little silly



  • when my waters when with my son its was an uncontrollable gush, like someone emptying a bucket of water, although that was mid contraction. x
  • With both of mine I had hind water leaks first!

    With ds I was about to get into bed when I felt a pop and a small squirt of warm liquid - as if someone had shot it from a watergun is how I would decribe it :lol: The next morning I had a show then contractions started, that evening while in hospital ( had gone in to get checked and they kept me) I was having a contraction and was getting up off the bed, as I found it easier to cope with standing and the rest of my waters went in a huge gush and hit the floor with a huge slap and ran everywhere lol! It was uncontrolable,my whole plug came away at the same time.

    With dd I had been for a sweep the day before and had been losing bloody show since. I was hoovering then went in to sit down when baby gave a massive kick and again I felt a pop then had a gush of warm liquid which I couldn't stop, bigger than with ds but not a huge ammount. I put a pad on and it happened a few more times, I knew it was waters as I couldn't control it, they smelled sweet and were tinged pink so I went in to get checked and the mw confirmed it. I had the rest of my water broken at 4cm.

    hth! xx
  • By the way hun you don't sound silly at all, you can have leaks withoiut your whole water going. If in doubt always get it checked x
  • Mine were like a pop and then a gush x
  • With my ds my waters didn't break until I was in hospital and in esbablished labour. It was more of a trickle at various times x
  • i had 3 massive gushes about 5 mins apart with DS - had a feeling labour was starting lol!
  • Mine were broken for me when I was in labour so not sure if the feeling would have been different but there was A LOT! DH had to take his shoes off - they were saturated! Have heard they can leak as well though x
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