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Back from hospital

Hello ladies, just got back from 3 nights in hospital after quite a bit of bleeding sat night! Very scary and was a mass panic, woke up at 2am to discover it and rang hospital and told to come in and pack overnight bag. Problem was hubby was out drinking! It only took him 5 mins to get back but we had to get his dad to take us to the hospital as he was over limit! He feels so bad bless him and cannot stop apologising . I am not mad as I am only 32 weeks and it was a good friends birthday it could have happened any time. He says he is not going out again now until birth which I won't argue with! Hate seeing him upset breaks my heart!

Well to cut a long story short hospital were absolutely lovely. Got baby on monitor asap and had internal. Baby finally moved when I got there after what felt like the longest journey ever. They admitted me and back home today. Placenta now moved was scanned yesterday so annoyingly was told no reason can be seen for bleeding and ' one of those things' . Was monitored a number of times every day which was great. Scary when dr prescribed steroid injections for babies lungs in case came early, better to play safe. My baby will just have a super size cry!! They are going to scan me again in 4 weeks which is nice just to check everything ok.

So resting for rest of week. Still due to be at work for three more weeks so not sure what to do? They have been really nice and going to see if I can move to a more local office as I drive a hour there and back, think will see how I feel this week, they did say Maybe just go early possibly a visit to drs to get signed off?

Anyway sorry for novel . So glad baby ok, was a big scare but hopefully last one and now in mad rush to get everything ready in case baby does want to say hello extra early image


  • Hi,

    Glad all is well.

    It must have been scary and taken a bit out of you so try to rest up.

    It might be an idea to start your leave early or maybe go to reduced hours - its better to be well rested prior to labour and to keep things stable.

    Best of luck for your next scan x
  • Oh bless ya hope all is ok now must of been really scary.I had bleeding a few weeks ago and they told me 97% of bleeding they cant find out where its from which is quite scary.Maybe see if you can either finish early or reduce hours like tulip said,best to rest now.x
  • Thank u ladies! Resting up today. Work have arranged for me to work closer to home for last three weeks so will see how I go. Hope every thing ok with everyone else!
  • So glad everything is ok and as the others have said lots of rest from now on.

    SB x
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