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Hey lovely, I seen you posted in the pregnancy forum about measuring big. I have been measuring at least 3 weeks ahead since 25 weeks. In my case its because the baby is big. With Megan I was bang on the line until 32 weeks and then measured 36 weeks image but she was born a healthy 7lb 1.5oz. Its quite common to measure bigger or smaller and as you have a scan on Friday I wouldn't worry. They will just check baby's size and give you an estimated weight. If baby is bigger they will want to know if you had your GTT (can't remember if you did) If you haven't had it they will probably ask you to have it asap.

It could just be a case of baby having a growth spurt or has changed position. This can make your bump bigger or smaller. Please let me know how you get on Friday xx


  • Thanks torch. Its reassuring to read your post.

    The Midwife mentioned it being more of a worry if it is an excess of fluid causing the big measurement so hopefully he just had a growth spurt.

    I think she was concerned that we have been spot on (or slightly under) and no all of a sudden he's 3 weeks over.

    I still managed to freak myself out yesterday about infant anaemia, cord transfusions and rhesus sensitivity! image

    What am I like!?

    I think the complete lack of sleep isn't helping me with keeping perspective so I took today off to sleep and rest which has been good.

    My mothercare order arrived which was a lovely treat to open it and look through. We got him the fisher price baby aquarium bath, some newborn vests, muslins, bibs, a cardi, change mat, socks etc so lots to distract me! image

    I'm thinking I might order his moses basket and stand today to cheer myself up further!image
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