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Hello Ladies

Just wanted to come on and say hello to everyone since I've not been on for a few weeks!! I had a bit of a rough time having pneumonia, awful spd and Elsie to look after!! We're sort of back on track now (touch wood!) and the house is now fully refurbished which is a huge relief - it helps not to be avoiding gloss / wet painted walls!!! image

I am very big now, super uncomfortable and desperately trying to think of names!!! Probably no different to all of you! I have decided that it was bad planning to try for a baby when we did as being heavily pregnant in this heat is hard work :lol: (obviuosly wouldn't change it for the world though and so excited to see bubs now!).

I am sending my secret stork over the next week - has anyone sent or received theirs yet?!

Hope all of you ladies are okay.......... we will have our babies very soon now!!! x x x x x


  • Lovely to hear from you hun. Glad you are feeling better even though your uncomfortable. I haven't even bought my SS yet (better get my butt into gear :lol: ) its harder than I thought buying for someone you don't know!!

  • Hi hun!

    Your hair things are looking nice on fb!! And LOVING beans room! Super cute! I know the colour of my SS's bump...... and I know who they are on fb too........ which has made it a bit easier, but still scary as you don't know them or their tastes!!! As long as it's cute you can't go wrong!! hmmmm i may have said too much?? x
  • I just have no idea where to start lol I am going to have a look over the weekend. I don't want to just send an outfit you know?

    Beans room is coming along now, we are putting everything back in there tomorrow but she has so many clothes that we have to store everything except newborn in the loft as we just don't have the room!! I have most of the minnie mouse stuff for her room now, just waiting on her clock and laundry basket.

    I am loving making bows at the moment, although some woman decided to make me feel a little crap about the dummy clips so kind of feel a bit deflated tonight. May just delete her lol xx
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