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anybody else...

Got swollen feet???!!! argh, i can't get any shoes on!

Not really got a question just having a moan...going to primarni tomorrow to get lots of flip flops!!!

On a good note carpet has gone down in nursery today so have been busy putting up cot. I have washed the bits i have for baby and now need to finish the nursery so will post pic when done.

SB x


  • yep mine look like shreks lol, lived in flipflops for months. My wedding ring is also getting tight on my fingers.
  • I had to force my rings off last week and am now sporting a plain silver cheapie wedding ring in 2.5 sizes bigger whilst my proper rings are on a ribbon round my neck... good times!
  • Yeah my feet are like balloons at night! I haven't tried to get any proper shoes on have just been living in flip flops!
  • Yes i have had swollen feet and depending on what i do,depends on what shoes i can wear.My wedding rings are ok at the minute aslong as i take them of when i go to bed and put on again when i get up.x
  • Well girls went to primarni and bought some flip flops for a massive cost of a pound!!! Feel better now...

    Also, got vest for giving birth in and a bag to pack for the hospital so will start packing that tomorrow.

    Have abandoned my other rings but wedding & engagement ring are on for the mo. really don't want to take them off

    SB x
  • Feet are fine but my hands are massive! Can get my wedding and engagement rings on in the morning but no way am i getting them off at night, so they've been relegated to a chain round my neck. My hands often swell up in the heat anyway but can't believe how much more they have now!

  • hey. My book tells me that moving about is good if you've been sitting a while but sitting with feet up is good if you've been on your feet all day. Also drinking lots of water helps flush it all out. Might be worth a try? Hope the flip flops help.
  • Oddly enough I haven't suffered too badly this time around, with DD my hands and feet were swollen by wk30 and I was in my mums extra wide fitting shoes and my wedding rings were on a chain around my neck. So far my rings are still comfortably on my finger and my feet, although occasionally puffy, still fit into all my shoes.
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