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Anyone else having strange dreams?

The other night i dreamt that my hubby was going to meeta women for sex.

In the dream i was with him fishing (maybe something to do with all the fishing trips hes taking before the baby comes) and he said we need talk. He showed me a picture of a naked women on his phone and says you dont mind if i go and have sex with her do you. I didnt reply and he rings her and says to me ill only be 90 mins.

I woke up so mad with him, took me all morning to calm down. Even though it was a dream lol


  • Funny thing I had a dream last night that there was a party at our house (it didn't look like our house though) and OH was having sex with a woman on our sofa, while I was there. I stormed off and met his best man in the street who took me home and was very mad. OH just took it in his stride, like he had done nothing wrong. I wasn't best pleased when I woke up this morning :lol: apparently you cannot dream about people you have never seen before, which means the woman he was having sex with I have seen at some point in my life (strange!!)

    Maybe all the dreams have something to do with the hormones and the face we maybe don't feel our best right now xx
  • Read this the other day;

    "Pregnancy dreams, especially in the last trimester, are often vivid and scary - and this is completely normal. Such dreams may provide a way for your subconscious to deal with any fears and insecurities you no doubt have about pregnancy and impending motherhood".

    I have mad dreams and even my husband does too now :lol:
  • it might be the fact he wont come by me lol
  • Pregnancy dreams vivid and scary, no kidding. I awoke in a cold sweat after the most horrid dream ever. I was looking after my mum's house whilst she was away on holiday, DD fell from their patio and broke her arm so DH rushes to help whilst I'm standing there screaming. Next thing he's tripped and fallen awkwardly severing his arm, which is enough shock to send me into spontaneous labour. So I wake from the horrid helplessness of seeing my DD and DH both unable to move, going into shock, with me unable to help them as in labour and no-one about to help any of us. Have now decided to let my sister do all house sitting for my parents until bubs is safely out (I'm not taking chance of dream coming true, however daft it may seem).
  • I always have vivid dreams, even when not pregnant. Since i have been though i've had tons about horrible things to do with the baby, not nice. image Hubby smoked before he met me and for some reason i often have dreams where he's smoking in secret and wake up really annoyed at him - and that's when i'm not pregnant! xxx
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