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odd feeling

Hey all.

I have this odd feeling. Its really hard to explain but I will try my best. Its like my lungs are being restricted. I think this is pretty normal in pregnancy but its just not nice. My breathing is fine, a little short of breath but again normal. It's like just under my boobs is being crushed, like someone has tied something around me really tight. Does anyone know if this has something to do with her being breech? x


  • Hey. I get that too. I can't think about it too much or i get a panicky that i am struggling to breathe (even though im not). My little dude is head down though do i guess its just where everything id being squashed up now x
  • Hi torch, relax it's fine and all to do with baby being free of brim (or so MW tells me). My bump has now turned head down but due to being free of brim I'm getting what I can only describe as the 'riverdance' within my ribcage, all kicks are now focused in that area leaving me feeling breathless and more tired. Once baby starts engaging they move downwards and the pressure should ease (at the top at least, it'll then hurt in the nether regions instead, boy I do love these final weeks). As for turning baby, don't know if it helped, but I've spent the past week on all fours playing 'cats and dogs' with DD and mine has now finally found head down. Could be worth a shot.
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