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Not long left now

Well I had my 34wk appt with MW on Friday, baby has now finally turned head down for the first time all pregnancy image but is still free of the brim and showing no signs of engaging. MW has also joined in on the guestimating stating she thinks it's a girl in there who will weigh 8lb3 and will send me into labour 4th Sept arriving either side of midnight (4th or 5th). DH says he now has a funny feeling about 5th Sept which scares me more as he was spot on that DD would be late arriving 12th Dec. If DH is right this time I think I'll get him to buy all future lotto tickets. :lol:


  • lol about your OH. i was right about when DS was born - was 15 mins late in guessing when it would all kick off though! even though i'm not due till sept 19th i am convinced something will happen aug 23rd though!
  • I love the guessing! Had all my family guessing on date, weight and sex last night... can't wait to see how it turns out when the BAs start rolling in.

    Kazzie, I believe that with 2nd + babies, they don't engage often right until labour and will 'bob in and out' as my midwife put it. Glad to hear your baby's right way up now for birth.

    You're right though, really isn't long to go now, we could be getting the first BA any time now x
  • I can't believe how close it all is now! I just really want to meet my wee bundle and find out if it's a boy or girl!!!!

  • Yay - not long at all! Can't wait to see if your hubby is right! x
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