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Clary Sage Oil??

Have read that some people are popping this in their baths. I bought some today and it said to avoid in pregnancy.

Just wondering if anyone know why it says this and how much does everyone use.

It also smells very strongly, does anyone mix it with their normal bath salts/bubbles??

Sorry for a silly post!



  • I think it can make your uterus contract (which is why you aren't supposed to use it although at this point I guess that's what's trying to be achieved!). I assume they mean not to use earlier in pregnancy.

    I used it with my DD and I think I used about 6 drops - I quite liked the smell though so didn't dilute it or anything. Good luck! x
  • Hay 6 drops is fine if you are putting in the bath,if you mix with a little milk it will mix in with water rather than sit on top.Or put in you r shower gel and use 4 drops.I hope this helps.Your fine to use essentials oils after 37 weeks of pregnancy.x image
  • thanks girls, so clueless, hadn't heard of this one before.

  • Does it help to rub it into bump? Have heard that somewhere... any ideas? x
  • Yeah I have heard that PS - I think you need to mix it with a base massage oil or olive oil though x
  • Yes you can rub on your bump bit like said you have to use a base or olive oil from your cupboard.X
  • I have been using clary sage oil in my bath, just put 6 drops in and relax for a while image I have also been mixing it with a base massage oil, about 3 drops and massaging into my bump and lower back!

    I had a bath with it last friday, started losing my plug bit by bit on monday and was taken to hospital tuesday with strong contractions, was kept in and think i may be in slow labour! They thought my waters were leaking but after a scan yesterday they are still all surrounding baby, are as they should be for this stage. I'm still having very very strong tightenings and quite painful cramping too.

    I am being induced 2 weeks today at 38 weeks if i make it that far image

  • Ive just started using clary sage oil wanted to wait til I was 38wks. I like the smell so I put it straight into the bath and I mix it with my bio oil and rub it onto my bump. hope it works im being very impatient and want baby flump here now. xx
  • mixing it with bio oil is a great idea! thanks!

  • Clary Sage Oil is an oil reccommended for relieving stress and period cramps. It is best avoided during your 1st and 2nd trimesters at all costs as it can relax your womb and start your cervix dilating (it pretty much can act the same way an induction drip does, starting contractions and they can be intense). If you do use any oils whilst pregnant/BFing they should be used in half dilution and mums should remember that the oils will be absorbed through their skin and likely passed to baby through blood or milk.
  • Snake oil. Wikipedia says nothing of the sort and the more holistic sites say it does everything.

    Waste £10 on a tiny bottle if you like as the bump massage will probably do more good than any thing else.  

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