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My gorgeous boy slept from 11.30 til 4.30 last night, and i've just realised that those 5 hours were the longest stretch of uninterrupted sleep i've had in the past 6.5 weeks! We also then had a lie-in as he slept again from 5 until 7.45. I'm actually amazed how i'm coping with the lack of sleep, as i'm a girl who used to count my days off work by the number of lie-ins i'd get! :lol: It's funny how you just get on with it. He's pretty good at night anyway, but normally gets up 2-3ish after his last feed at 10-11ish so that stretch was good for him. My boobs didn't like it though, was very uncomfy before he emptied me out again!

How's everyone else doing on the sleep front?



  • Fingers crossed Alfies sleeping through, well hes been very good for the past 2 weeks. The odd night he wakes up about 3 ish, i have to settle him with his dummy and mobile. He has his last feed about 10/11 then up at 6/7 ish. Im very lucky image
  • Yay!! Abby has slept through since 4 weeks (Yes, I know I am very lucky) She goes from 10pm-11pm to 6:30am. I was the same as you though, loved my sleep, still do really. OH has been off work this week (half term) and he has let me have a lie in EVERY day. Its been great. I had the longest lie in this morning and slept until 11am image I obviously needed it (or rather I knew it was my last as he is back in work tomorrow :lol: )
  • Mia has done 9-6 the last few nights, fingers crossed she keeps it up! Before that she was doing 8-4, up for a feed and back to between 7 and 8. My boobs don't like it either I've been waking up soaked! Th only thing was this morn she didn't really settle back over as usual so I gave in around 6.45 and got up, shes feeding now and seems to be going back to sleep but I'm up and dressed now lol
  • Tallulah has her last feed between 9.30 and 10 I then put her down when she is still awake as she has always been good at settling herself since birth or rather I never gave in like I did with DS I used to have to rock him to sleep every nite untill he was around 18 months old so this time round I knew that things had to be different.

    Anyway last bottle is 9.30/10pm then she sleeps untill 6am will wake for a feed then sleeps again untill 8am when I have to wake her so we can do the school run on a weekend when I dont have to wake her she sleeps until around 9.30am I know we are very lucky and I know it may not last :lol: but this routine she got herself into at a week old is really lovely at the moment ....she says with her fingers crossed it lasts :lol:

  • Our wee man Noah is being very good to us. At six weeks old he was sleeping seven hrs a night but for the last week (he'll be 8 weeks on Saturday) he has his last bottle at 8pm and sleeps through til 7am. Our DD Ella was also sleeping 12hrs by eight weeks old so I'm glad he's following her example! It's amazing how getting sleep makes everything feel better.
  • I had to cuddle Ryan to sleep for the first few weeks as he just wouldn't settle, partly due to wind issues i think now, as he's cmpi, however since i've been dairy free his wind's been much better, and since he discovered his thumb all i have to do now is feed him, quick wind and straight back down, and he sucks himself to sleep! He'll only settle if the light is off though, as i discovered the other night when i tried to finish a chapter of my book after i'd put him in his crib - that wasn't allowed, think he thought if i'm staying up he should be allowed too! :lol: xxx
  • We have good nights where we wake for 2 feeds & bad nights where it can be 5 feeds (my boobs def know the difference, ouch)
  • We have gotten into a routine where he goes down in his own room between 6 and 6.30, wakes for a feed about half two and then goes back down until six . Suits us fine as dd is always up early anyway. He seems to have just gotten later and later with that feed so hoping he will just knock it going on the head soon! He seems to be sleeping much better than dd was at his age - long may it continue! X
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