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My doctor is an idiot

I've never liked my doctor as she always makes me feel like i'm faking it even when i'm feeling really ill. Now i've completely lost faith in her. Had 6 week check today and i asked about contraception, and she told me categorically that i can't get pregnant while i'm breastfeeding!!! Couldn't believe it as i know it is possible, even if less likely. I just can't imagine if i'd been someone who hasn't done my research and ended up pregnant too soon, esp as i had a caesarian and it could be dangerous for me. Am so annoyed. And then i asked if it was ok for me to have a flu jab while breastfeeding, and she told me to ask the chemist! Hubby thinks i should change my doctor but i'd want to stay in that practice and worried about seeing her again when i've dumped her, is that daft? Not sure i want her looking after my baby now either.



  • OMG image I would have told her straight that she would not be looking after my baby never mind me. Hun, if you are in any doubt about the care she would give you or your child then change your doctor. If you happen to come across her in the surgery then be honest, tell her you don't think she is competent enough to care for your family xx
  • Wow I wonder how many people she has told that to who have got caught out!
  • That is awful, if I were you I'd put in a complaint to your local health authority!
  • thats really not good, id write to ur GP, you can make a complaint about the advice given.
  • If your surgery is like mine you should be able to register with any doctor and specify which you want to see when booking an appt. There is a dr at my surgery that we don't like & refuse point blank to be seen by (largely because we know 'it'll be a virus' is all he seems able to deduce). As for flu jab, you could ask the nurse when you take LO for 8wk jabs (it's normally them that administer the jabs so they should be in the know)
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