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50 reasons why it's fun to be a parent

Last reviewed: October 2009

When your baby is crying at three in the morning or your toddler's just thrown his lunch all over your newly mopped floor, it's easy to forget the good bits about being a parent. To help you through the tough times, here's our round up of the things that make parenting fun. You can add your ideas, too, by scrolling down to the parents' tips box at the bottom of the page.

1 Panicking because you've been given this newborn baby to take home and you haven't even got the manual - then realising how much fun it is learning on the job.

2 Feeling a tiny fist curl around your finger when you touch his palm.

3 Gazing into your baby's eyes and knowing he trusts you totally.

4 Breathing in the best smell in the world: sleepy baby!

5 Being amazed the first time you wrap him up in his blanket, put him against your shoulder, pat him gently and incredibly the yelling stops!

6 Being the most tired you've ever been in your whole life - and the most happy.

7 Sitting up in bed feeding your baby in the middle of the night, and knowing that all over the world other mums are doing just the same.

8 Watching your partner show his son or daughter off to all the visitors.

9 Finding out, at your antenatal class reunion, that no one gets bored of your birth story, no matter how many times you tell it.

10 Overhearing your partner at a party talking earnestly about the best brand of nappy.

11 Watching your baby's sleeping face and wondering what the future holds for him.

12 Discovering how lovely the dawn chorus can be!

13 Taking him out for the first time and discovering that everyone wants to stop and talk.

14 Experiencing that amazing feeling of tenderness when your baby falls asleep in your arms.

15 Buying that Scalextric set/Batman costume/Sylvanian family you always wanted (even though your baby is only one week old).

16 Discovering how infectious a baby's giggles can be.

17 Having someone to leave the family heirlooms to, even if they're only your grandmother's china puppy dog.

18 Exchanging a smile with other pram-pushing mums.

19 Dreaming up fantastic food combinations for your baby: avocado and banana, chicken and grapes or sweet potato and broccoli.

20 Laughing when your baby starts waving at everyone on the bus or in the supermarket.

21 Discovering all the little characteristics that make your baby unique: fat toes, sticky-out ears, hair that sticks up no matter how much it's brushed.

22 Taking millions of photographs, which you keep meaning to put into an album, but never quite get round to it.

23 Developing a new family language as your toddler talks about scissoring the lawn or asks for a bikkit.

24 Having little pairs of pink wellies lined up in the hall and/or Action Man underpants scattered on the floor.

25 Knowing the right things to say and the best way to help when your friends have a baby.

26 Watching Nana and Grandad spoil their little treasure rotten.

27 Joining in tactile toddler pleasures like squeezing playdough in your hands, scrunching through autumn leaves or jumping in puddles.

28 Discovering that he's inherited your love of music or his dad's interest in racing cars.

29 Or, even better, discovering he has totally different talents, like dancing or painting - where did that come from?

30 Waking up to a sloppy kiss from your toddler.

31 Rediscovering the simple pleasures in life: brightly coloured flowers, the softness of a cat's fur or the feel of sand between your toes, with your little one.

32 Getting used to being known as Jack's mum or Emily's dad.

33 Crying when you see a baby born on TV, understanding how mums feel everywhere from Beijing to Belfast.

34 Discovering the pleasures of three in a bed - even if you and your partner only have a few inches of space while your baby lies sideways across middle.

35 Enjoying the chance to be really silly again - walking around quacking like a duck or sitting at the table wearing a bib and silly hat to encourage your baby to eat.

36 Trying to answer those awkward questions: Do fish sleep? Why is the sky blue?

37 Relishing the moment when he first says, "I love you, Mummy".

38 Re-discovering how brilliant children's books are, even if you do sometimes have to "lose" the one he's wanted every night for the last three weeks!

39 Having one big bubble bath together - and squabbling over who gets the end with the taps.

40 Running up a quick cat costume out of a piece of string, an egg-box and an eye-liner pencil for a party.

41 Multi-tasking: learning how to mix up a bowl of cake mix with one hand while you stick a plaster on a toddler's knee with the other, breastfeed a baby and phone your mum to ask her what she wants for her birthday.

42 Discovering the world through your toddler's eyes: seeing him gaze at a caterpillar or stare transfixed into a rockpool.

43 Making a whole new circle of friends, who just happen to be parents, too.

44 Seeing your values - trying to be straight, kind, honest, hard-working and treat others like you'd like to be treated - rub off on him.

45 Enjoying making up with a hug and kiss once a tantrum is over.

46 Going to a Disney film and no longer being the only unaccompanied adult in the queue!

47 Finding out that bringing up children gives your life a new sense of focus.

48 Crying when you drop him off at playgroup for the first time, then bursting with pride when you pick him up and realise he hasn't missed you at all.

49 Keeping all his best artwork from playgroup and turning your kitchen into your own Tate Modern.

50 Hearing your child say "mum" and wondering who that is, then realising - it's YOU!


  • Im so sad. Reading through that made me cry! I used to be the type of person who would make fun of things like this and call it mushy rubbish. I cant believe how much becoming a mum has changed me!!
  • Having two children-one for each arm.

    The joys of 4 in a bed (you can't have one child & not the other, they instinctively know)

    Trying to keep a straight face as you tell your child off for eating your chocolate bar whilst wanting to laugh your head off cause it's all over their face.
  • The whole photo thing is totally me!! I have hundreds of pictures and although they are sorted into months they are not in albums. For weeks I have been saying "I have to buy some scrap books" I ended up buying a new camera instead lol x
  • Arr this made me cry, love the Sunday cuddles in bed with all three children and me and hubby end up getting chucked out.x
  • The Homemade movies of toddler trying to take the camera of you are always good tooimage
  • This made me cry - what a lovely post!

    - when you both, as parents, look at your baby and say to each other how fortunate you are.

    - when even your underwear drawer seems have bibs in there somehow!

    - when your more than happy to see friends go out on a Saturday night and you just want to stay in with baby.
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