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How's it going? Are you finding it as hard as everyone said?

Flo is now 10 weeks and there's 18 months between her and her big brother. Everyone said it would be hard work and they're not wrong, although things are getting better. I'm very lucky in that DS is in nursery MOndays and Tuesdays, so I get a pretty peaceful 2 days with Flo catching up on some chores and having lovely play time. Then Weds-Fri go by in a whirlwind of toddler groups, feeding, nappies, messy play, tantrums and craziness!

Am absolutely loving it (most of the time)but just exhausted. How about everyone else?

Peanut and Flo xxx


  • Hey lovely. Its been pretty easy for us as Megan is 8 and in school Mon-Fri. Although half term was hard work. Megan is very demanding at the moment, Having Abby has been a massive change to her and she takes up a lot of our time (as babies do) Its easier now that Abby is in a routine but Megan has been waking 3-4 times a night for no reason. Not really sure what is going on there. She has been having major tantrums too, got to the point once or twice where I have had to call my mum to come and get her as she just would not calm down. Punching doors, kicking toys, stamping on the floor etc but this did start before Abby was born. In school she is doing fine and half the time people think I am lying when I tell them as she is such an angel.

    I am hoping its just a phase she is going through and will soon adapt to having Abby here. I think she is waiting for her to be old enough to play with as at the moment Abby is a little boring for her.

    We went to a baby group last week and it was nice to see other children having these tantrums as I had started to feel like I was a bad mother. Megan has been on her own for so long and Abby has disrupted what she knows and likes best. She loves Abby and likes it when she is smiling and cooing. Fingers crossed she will grow out of this soon. She has always been clingy but at the moment I can't even go to the loo without her following me.

    It is hard work and yes, if I could change Megan's tantrums I would but we just have to work through them at the moment xx
  • Aw hun, sorry to hear Megan's having a tough time. It is understandable with her having you to herself for so long, must be a big change but exhausting for you!

    Abby sounds like a good baby, bet you love your days with her while Megan's at school. Mon and Tues are so quiet and easy when it's just me and Flo. I didn't even leave the house yesterday, just hung out with her and did some jobs around the house while she slept. Think I even got to have a cup of tea!

    DS just kind of plays around Flo at the moment, sometimes throwing something at her and shouting 'catch!' but I think he'll find it harder when she's more interactive and wants to play with 'his' toys. He's like Megan though, it really makes him smile when she's smiling and cooing - he looks like a real proud big brother!

  • William is definately getting better and better with megan. he does keep trying to sit in her bouncer though! he's also started playing with newborn toys that he has not touched for ages. we make sure he gets lots of attention and megan goes to my mother in laws for an hour or so on a tuesday so i can go to william's playgroup with him and have some special time together. i also send him on special man missions with DH so he feels special. he is in practise for his terrible twos when he doesn't get his own way though! he does try and interact with megan and her face lights up when she sees him
  • Hi, i am not finding to bad at the minute although half term was hard as we didn't have alot to do and they were bored.My other two are 5 and 3 so in school all day or nursery 8:30 till 11:30 so its not to bad.

    The only thing i would say is trying to do quality time with my older to as i am breastfeeding so its hard to do alot without Oliver being there.

    Now i am feeling about back to normal i am going make more of an effort to do something with them.I have planned what we are going to do when they break for xmas as here they break up a week before, so going to make mince pies and xmas decs etc.

    My dd is three and is always wanting to pick him up and play with him so i have to be more aware of that now but my ds who is 5 is really good with him and is always making sure he is ok.x
  • Sounds like things are going well Candimum. I can absolutely sympathise with the breastfeeding though. I've had supply issues and up until 7 weeks persevered with the bf and she fed ALL the time (ie: no breaks between feeds!) it just wasn't fair on my DS and she was dropping centiles so we now mix feed. Actually, that has probably been the biggest challenge for us so far, so well done you for sticking with it. xx
  • liz - my DD (18 months) is exactly the same with the newborn things. She sits in his bouncer, plays with his toys and has started putting his dummy in her mouth (although she doesn't have one so has no idea what to do with it!). I have to say, I am finidng it pretty damn hard but I know that a big part of that is not having an family nearby. DS is also quite an unsettled baby (particularly from about 4pm). We suspect he has had colic v mildly (he goes to bed between 6 and 6.30 without any issues so I know it's nothing too severe). On top of that DD has been a bit poorly and was in hospital on Monday so it kind of feels like it's all happening at once. Am looking forward to DS being able to play with her a bit more - I feel a bit like I just move him around from bouncer to swing to playmat so that I can get things done!
  • Definitely harder to breastfed with more as i am stuck until i have finished a feed but i do try and multi task while feeding so will read them a book, make them a drink etc but i don't like to keep doing it as i want Oliver to have time to have his 'food' without been walked around the house and me doing stuff all the time.

    Just thinking of what i can do with them as when they have finished school and before tea and with it getting dark and cold early it hard.I do something with dd as she finishs nursery at 11:30 but harder to something with ds as he isn't normally on his own with me and they they are tired and want to watch cartoons :roll: x
  • Like Candimum I have 3 now so things are v busy! My dd1, Isla is 2 and a half and shes in playschool now for 2hrs on a tue wed and thurs so I have a bit of alone time with Mia. I try to take her for a walk if the weather is good or a bit of playtime or she just naps lol. I try to make some special time for Isla during the day too reading books or drawing etc or silly play. She is a bit jealous, she adores Mia but wants my attention and will try and wake Mia up sometimes!

    My ds is 8 so at school Mon-Fri, he has autism so that brings its own challenges. He really benefits from routine,he has a much stricter routine than Mia :lol:

    Peanut we are mix feeding now too, Mia was so so hungry and there just weren't enough hours in the day!
  • Well, we have good & bad days. Samantha generally dotes on her baby sister & Hannah loves watching her big sis too. Samantha will come & get me if her little sis is unhappy (she hates it when Hannah cries), will help me change her sister by getting nappies/wipes out & is generally helpful but we do have the odd temper tantrums or jealous stints when we don't get our own way.
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