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Have I done the right thing - dummy

Just like my other dd, Mia refused a dummy when she was born. I tried it a few more times as she wanted fed constantly and when she didn't take it I didn't bother. Tbh she hasn't really needed one and she settles to sleep for the night herself without one. Lately though she has been fighting daytime sleep bigtime so by the time it gets to dinner time she is narky because she hasn't slept enough.

So this morn I could see she was getting tired but she wouldn't go down ( I generally just put her up in her basket, might have to go in a few times and do a pick up put down type thing, maybe a bit of a rock) so I tried the dummy again. She took it no prob, lay up there quietly for bout 15mins then dozed off. Now I'm having wobbles about giving it to her! I was thinking maybe I'll just give it to her if she won't settle for naps herself first, so just occasional use.The other thing is she has been sleeping pretty well, last night she went around 9-5.30, got up for a 10min feed then back down til 7.30 so I thought I could try the dummy at 5.30 to see if she will go back over without a feed then take it out if she goes back to sleep.

I'm just not sure! I don't think the hubby will be happy that I've given it to her at 10wks(hes a work) but he hasn't had to do night feeds for the last 10wks lol


  • You do what you feel is best. Oliver has had a dummy for a while and he lovesit to get to sleep with. I know some people don't like them but i feel if it soothes him and he enjoys it then why not.

    SB x
  • Hiya, GC here but I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old. My DD (6) used a dummy from a baby until 2ish..never did her any harm, teeth are fine, speech fab and doesn't use anything else as a comfort. DS is a little different, hes in love with his dummies..he had one from baby, I can take them off him during the day while playing or pre-school but nightime is a big no-no.

    Dummies are fine, and for the first 18 months are a real help/soother but take them away as close to the 1st birthday as possible, my mistake not worrying too much, he'll be fine when hes older etc etc and now he wont part with it..He even has to have one in the mouth and one in each hand before bed. I feel awful knowing he relies on dummys to get him to sleep-but I know plenty of children who wont go down at all so if a dummy helps then so be it. His speech is brilliant for his age and his teeth are growing well albeit a huge gap between top 2 ( from daddy!) which is quite cute image

    Don't panic too much, do what you feel comfortable. I envy those mums who didn't use dummies, i felt like I wasn't a good enough mother as I used them but those children may have a different type of soother.

    Only advice is if she gets attached is to wean her off as soon as shes old enough to not need it/turning into a big girl image

  • Hay i wouldn't feel bad about using one.I use onr for Oliver because as he is a big feeder an i know he doesn't always need milk just wants to suck as he would just throw the milk back up, Also sometimes wants something to suck to go to the toilet :lol: .

    I have ds who will be 6 in February and he sucks his thumb and we cannot get him to stop and it now starting make his teeth come forward,don't get me wrong he not as bad but wish i had used a dummy now because you can take it away.

    I would do what makes you happy, and what best for you and baby.x
  • I wouldn't worry hun, you did what you needed to do to get by and with 3 kids, there's no wonder! Flo's the same in that she wouldn't take one in the early days and settles fine now without but if things change, I will be giving her one.

    DS has one still at 20 months, only for naps and bed and I do wish he didn't but it's going to be a nightmare to get it off him. It's when I see 4 year olds out with them during the day that it bugs me, surely they don't need it? (sorry if anyone's 3/4 year olds have dummys, it's just my opinion.)

    Your OH will have to deal with your decision, like you say, he's not the one doing 10+ weeks of night feeds! x
  • you should absolutely do what you feel is right. DD had a dummy from three weeks old til her 2nd birthday. She only wanted it at bedtime and once asleep, never looked for it again. Her speech is fantastic and no problems at all with her teeth.

    DS is 9 weeks old now and I introduced the dummy at four weeks old to save my nipples! He was sucking a lot for comfort so it has worked really well. He now only seems to want it when he wakes through the night (he's asleep by 8pm, wakes anywhere between 3&6 for the dummy and back to sleep til 7;30/8)

    No matter what you choose, everybody has an opinion but you know what feels right for you x
  • Thanks all image I feel much better now just had a funny wobble! I do think it was the right thing to do, she just has it to settle for daytime naps and now she is sleeping better in the day she isn't overtired in the evenings and is sleeping better at night she did 9pm-8am last night!!! She doesn't need the dummy at night still she settles herself to sleep which is great image
  • dummy = nipple saver!! image
  • G/C From BIJuly but I have to say I gave my daughter a dummy from 3 weeks because she had colic and it helped. Now at 16 weeks she has a dummy to fall asleep with (reccomended to reduce the possiblity of SIDS) but spits it out as soon as she falls asleep. Most dummies are now made so that they do not affect developing teeth or cause dental issues, and a dummy is a lot easier to take away that a thumb! My daughter actually did suck her thumb when I forgot her dummy once and I really do not want her to get into the habbit of suckin gher thumb! I agree with people who say it is a personal choice, but I wouldnt fret over it, you arent going to do any harm to your baby by giving a dummy xx
  • I feel it comes down to personal choice/preference. Personally I don't use them as I'd feel like I was using it 'just to keep them quiet' instead of trying to establish why they're unhappy. My sister however swears by them, niece had hers until 2yrs then gave up without problem, nephew is following in his mum's footsteps though having one in his mouth & two in each hand (Sis had hers until she started school, my nephew is now 3 so not far off)
  • She just has it for daytime naps, she spits it out once shes asleep and doesn't need it at night which is handy because I won't need to get up and put it back in :lol: Its working well for us at the min and I'm happy I did it now image
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