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Any advice for a chesty cough?

Hey mummies,

I wondered if anyone had any advice to help my little boy cope with a chesty cough?

He's only 9 weeks old and sometimes I can hear him breathe like an old man. I don't think there's anything he can take but worth an ask. I might take him to the gp if its no better tomorrow.

This is the 2nd cold he's had in as many weeks!


  • Hey Tulip,

    Sorry Connor is feeling under the weather. I had some advice re: stuffy nose but some may help for chesty cough. One suggestion was bowl of water on the radiator. You could put some vicks in it.

    Massage using any cream may help as it may shift what ever it is. Warm baths of course will also help.

    I don't know any medicines that you could use and the above may be obvious so sorry if it is.

    SB x
  • I've heard of rubbing Vicks on their feet before they go to bed to ease the cough. Supposed to work a treat! Not sure whether you can do that from any age though? Hope he feels better soon x
  • I've read about putting them in a steamy bathroom is supposed to help. xxx
  • Thanks ladies. The steamy bathroom has helped and so have calpol saline drops.
  • Baby can take calpol from 2mths old. Steam inhalation is good & if you BF you can rub vics on your neck which they will inhale whilst feeding.
  • They can have calpol and also steamy room and i was told it put a wet towel on a hot radiator and that will let moisture into the air while there in bed to help them sleep.x
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