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A virtual cuppa and a natter/moan here =)

Hey all =) Just thought we could all have a catch up on how things are going, along with a moan, if its needed :lol:

Things are well with us. Abby is 12 weeks now and is still just so perfect, I still can't believe she is mine for keeps image She has just discovered her hands and tries so hard to chomp on them, sometimes she gets it right and others she ends up with a finger up her nose or in her eye :lol: She weighs 12lb 13oz so has put on 1lb 13oz in 4 weeks, health visitor says that is good. She is still sleeping through (I know how lucky I am) she goes down at about 9pm and sleeps until 6am. It's great, considering Megan's sleeping habits lol.

We went to our first baby group 2 weeks ago, not really sure what I made of it to be honest, they all seemed quite posh where as I am common as muck :lol: Abby and I had some quality time together though so it was nice, we didn't go last week as Abby had a cold and this week it isn't on but will be there the week after. Fingers crossed someone speaks to me this time :lol:

Really looking forward to Christmas this year, the last two have been horrible. 2009 we found out Cai was poorly and wouldn't make it :cry: and 2010, although we found out we were pregnant it was so scary and our first Christmas with out Cai when we should have had 7 month old baby opening presents. This year I am determined to have a good one with my girls. Have you started shopping yet?

When will your Christmas tree be going up?? Mine- 1st December image

Don't really have much to moan about if I am honest....

My sister is 16 weeks pregnant and if I am totally honest I wish it were me :lol: I am terrified that she will have to go through what I did image but I am also scared about how I will react if they have boy! Just going to have to cross that bridge when I come to it I think.

We have been talking about having more children and have decided that we will start trying when Abby is 12 months. It took us 18 months to conceive Cai naturally and we needed Clomid with Abby so it could be a long time but its fun practising lol

Fill me in on how things are with you?


  • Glad to hear things are going well, and congrats for your sister!

    We are doing well. Ryan is just over 8 weeks, and took him for his first jabs today. It was a bit annoying as i'd fed him up and got him off to sleep before we left, as he'd been fighting sleep all morning, and then it took so long to get in, (nearly an hour after my appointment time!) that by the time we were called he had woken up hungry and grumpy! I made the mistake of watching her inject him, such a big needle in those little legs, and he let out a proper big scream like it really hurt, which i've not seen from him before, so i ended up having a bit of a sniffle myself. :cry:

    We have been to a breastfeeding group at the local children's centre a couple of times but not sure i really fit in. Will keep trying though.

    Last week i took him swimming which was fabulous! I was a bit nervous as it was just me and him but he loved it so we are going to go again this week.

    I am still on a dairy free diet as i am still breastfeeding him, but it seems to be working as he is now putting on weight and was 11lb 3oz last week. Got the paediatrician on thurs to see how he's getting on.

    Sleeping at night is good. He doesn't have set times but tends to drop off downstairs with us between 7 and 9pm. I take him up to bed at 11ish, and put him in his crib. If he wakes i feed him but if not he sleeps until anything between 3 and 5, has a quick feed and change then goes back off til 7ish. Last night he woke at 11 for a feed, got him back down by 12 (strangely long feed!) then he started stirring at 5.45am. I got up to go the toilet, and by the time i got back he'd got himself back to sleep so didn't have to get up until 7 in the end!

    One thing i need to work on is routine and sleeping in the day. He tends to have a feed, be awake a while and have some happy time where we do some playing on his mat or he goes in his swinging chair, then he gets sleepy so i try and get him to sleep. However he really fights going to sleep in the day! I know he needs to as he starts rubbing his eyes and if he doesn't get to sleep soon after that happens he gets grouchier and grouchier. He won't settle in his crib in the day though, even though he's happy to at night. So i end up having to cuddle him to sleep and then just sit around with him on me as if i try to move he wakes up! Not ideal as it makes it impossible to get anything done until hubby comes home.

    Aside from that though we are great. He is a perfect little boy and i can't imagine not having him now. Hubby is brilliant with him, which is not what i expected at all (although he still hasn't changed a nappy! :lol: ) He even said to me the other day that we should have had him sooner! image As for another one, ideally i'd like to be pregnant again around his 1st birthday, just because we want a small age gap between him and his sibling.

  • Hi Torch,

    Good to hear from you and glad to hear that you are so looking forward to christmas.

    Oliver is 'thriving' (HV words) and like Abby was a chunky 12lb 7oz at last weeks weigh in. i introduced bedtime routine on Friday and he has been sleeping 9 - 4 but last night he slept til 5 and then went back til 9.30 so am hoping this was not just a one off and that hopefully he will drop the 5.00 feed. 6 or 7 would suit!

    I am not sure when to put up tree as I usually wait til near my birthday which is the 18th but I know Olly will like the lights so may well do it sooner.

    Haven't started christmas shopping yet but on Saturday we are going for a photo shoot so that we can get photos of Olly for christmas presents. Have a really cute elf suit for him :lol:

    Really enjoying being a mummy and can't imagine life without him and don't know where time goes these days.

    Nothing to moan about here either!

    SB x
  • Ooh, our decorations are going up on the 1st! Not sure about tree though as hubby is insisting on a real one this year 'for Ryan'! He's also bought him a santa outfit so we can do xmas cards with him on!

    We went for a free mum and baby photoshoot last week, and have still got the pixiphotos vouchers that came in the bounty pack to use.

  • Hey Ladies...good to see the updates.

    Torch - hope you have an awesome xmas. With regard to baby groups I bet there are others who feel exactly the same! I am usually a shy person but work has taught me to just break the ice quickly.

    Try talking to people about their baby's age, name etc and if you get stuck ask them about themselves as generally people love chatting about themselves.

    I don't think posh/common, rich/poor etc etc really exists when you're all mummies. Everyone's in the same boat.image

    It seems I have a chunky boy as Connor is only 9.5 weeks but weighed 13lbs13 yesterday! image

    He's doing brilliantly although has had a cold for a while and looks so confused by snot! :lol

    We're just gearing up for a 2 hour car journey at the weekend and his daddy is in scotland on friday night with work so first night on our own since hospital.

    If I'm honest I'm struggling with some of the feelings I have about the obstetric cholestasis and our long and difficult labour. I can't believe we were dismissed as having a rash when Connor was potentially at risk of stillbirth all that time. I'm also thinking whether we can get through another pregnancy knowing the chances are we will be ill again; but that's something that will take time to get my head around I think.

    Trying my best not to let it affect our bond and am getting out roughly 3 times a week now for groups and to catch up with nct people which has been a lifesaver.

    Can't believe xmas is coming up. We have no money and very little time so it will be quite a budget affair this year but happy none the less.

  • Hi Ladies, hope we are all well along with our LO's. Hannah had her 8wk jabs today at exactly 2mths old. The nurse was wittering on about what was being given & I was like 'She's my 2nd child, I know all this, just do it already'. So the highlight of our visit, both GP & nurse pointing out that Hannah is a palindrome (She'll be the highlight of future English classes with that knowledge).image
  • hay all,

    Glad all is going well. Oliver is doing well he was weighed last week at 8 weeks exactly and he weighed 9lb 14oz, So i think he will weigh around 10lb 14oz now.

    i go to all of the baby groups i can and it does really help, i was shy but tried really hard to get know people and i am really good friends with some now image

    We are going to put the tree up the first weekend of December. image

    Oliver doesn't sleep through yet normally he goes down at 10 when i go then will sleep till 2-4 then will sometimes go till 7:30 but alot of the time will wake at 5-6 then will get up at 7-8. :roll:

    DD has chicken pox image But she is happy as all her friends have had it and she excited when i told her shes going to more, strange girl :? :lol: Not sure if Oliver can get them yet as i am sure he will still be covered from me.x
  • Wahoo, christmas is coming. image We have commenced the big shop for pressies, DH has decided to 'out' the old decorations for some brand new ones during this coming week & as for putting up the tree it'll most likely be as close to christmas eve as possible (else we'll constantly be re-dressing it after Samantha strips it bare, she loves pulling at baubles)
  • Hiya everybody

    Its lovely to have a read and catch up with everybody. Alfie is nearly 11 weeks old and i had him weighed today and he is 13lb. I think we are in the middle of a growth spurt as he has just gone from 6oz 5x a day to 7oz 5x a day. Im very lucky he sleeps from 11pm till 8am. (9am today)

    Cant believe he is all mine!

    Im glad everybody is doing well and i hope you all have a lovely christmas with your families.

    Im really looking forward to putting the tree up, Alfie loves lights. We took him the trafford center and his was mesmerized.

    Lots of Love

    Cath x
  • Hi All,

    I have not been on here for a long time, glad all is going well with everyone.

    Mollie is now 9 weeks on monday and when she was weighrd last week she was 11lb 8oz and I am still breastfeeding which is going well most of the time.

    We are waiting for our 1st injections she just missed them this month so will have them at the begining of next which I am not really looking forward too.

    Her big brother loves her and is really good with her. He loves chatting to her and showing her all his toys she responds by giving him big smiles which is so cute!

    Really looking forward to christmas with my 2 babies, not sure when the decs are going up but will be soon as my son keeps asking for it and telling us he wants to help!

  • AARRGGGH!!!! Samantha's 2nd Birthday & Hannah's 12wk jabs currently scheduled for same week. Think may need to postpone someone's jabs (which may also help with finding someone to entertain Samantha rather than have me take her to surgery where she wants to help the nurse inject her sister)
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