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Well our suspicions have finally been confirmed. Lil' miss Hannah has been doing a lot of lip smacking and fist sucking for the past week & at baby clinic on Friday our HV spotted our first tooth cutting through. Can't believe my 9wk old girl has her first tooth, her sister didn't cut any until she was 6mths!!! image


  • Wow that is soon!!!

    SB x
  • OMG! I have been wondering if Connor could be teething but thought it was too early. He's doing lots more fist sucking and when I pop my finger in his mouth he's gumming it very hard.

    Oh crumbs! Not sure I can bf with teeth! image

    Kazzie - Do I say congratulations???

    Also if you have any tips on getting them through the pain of teething I'd love to hear.

    Best wishes to you both x
  • Wow that is early.Tulip they are normally good at keeping there teeth out of the way, think both of mine only got me once each.

    teeth rings/toys are good as is teething gel.x
  • Mia is doing a lot of drooling, lip smacking and fist sucking, I can't see anything yet though so not sure if shes beginning to teeth or not!
  • You can buy teething rings filled with water that you can place in the fridge to help cool their gums. Teething gel is great also, though only use tiny amount & best after 3mths old. As for BFing I did so with Samantha until she was 9mths old with few problems. You both learn to cope with the teeth.
  • little Alex is teething too started last week (11wks old) teething powders are brilliant and them cool soothers he loves them. xx
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