HI all,

Hope you and bubbas are well.

Just wondering if any of you have or are going back to work soon?

I go back after the easter break for three days and Ollie will go to nursery. I know I will have to be super organised for the three days. Have mixed feelings as love spending time with Oliver but also enjoy my job and we need the money.

SB x


  • I'm going back at the end of May full time. Going to be hard leaving him but don't have a choice so trying not get upset about it. I do love my job, so that does help.

  • g/c from dia - hope thats ok! I go back 7th may, when lo will be 8.5 months.

    Am overwhelmed! I love my job but feel like the person that i was then is so long gone! I'm so worried i won't be able to let go of thoughts of LO and do my job properly - worried i won't be able to face my boss with my muddled brain (im sure pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood leave you permanently damaged, lol). Im also bf lo and am going to try and meet his needs, bought a pricey pump and only working 3 days but somedays i wonder why i've added this stress to myself.

    I think carrying on will help the bonding when i see lo again and keep us close :-/ and im lucky my mum and oh are doing most of the child care, with a little bit of nursery 1-2 half days a week which is not enough to tire him out but enough to be exciting for him (i hope).

    I am the most disorganised person i know so my main fear is not being able to juggle things. Don't want to be a bad mummy and a bad employee! x
  • I'm not going back! I work as a library assistant, 32 hours at one library, which i'm giving up, and 4 hours at another, which i am going to stay on at to keep my hand in (plus most of the jobs go internally so want to have a bit of an in when i do decide to go back to work more hours.)

    I did want to go back part time and me and hubby to share the childcare, but it's just not feasible. Hubby is self employed, but there are certain hours he has to work, and it wouldn't fit in with my work pattern, even if they allowed me flexible working i'd have to work when the library is open and it just wouldn't work out. We also only have one set of parents nearby, and they often go away as they have a house in Spain, so we didn't want to rely on them.

    What with nursery costs (not that i wanted him in nursery anyway) and the fuel costs i'd incur driving 30 miles a shift it just made no sense in the end. Going to work for hubby which will save him some money on replacing the next person who leaves (he works in pubs so staff come and go) and we'll just manage.

    Not told family or work yet though!
  • Alfie - Have you thought of using any of your KIT days? I have used some of mine and done bits and bobs for work. It was more relaxed than if I had of been back properly but gave me a taste of what it would be like.

    Just a thought

    SB x
  • it's my last day today. so glad i'm not going back. we've decided that i'm going to do something from home to earn a few pennies - just got to decide what lol!
  • I left work after having Samantha & won't be returning until she starts school & Hannah starts nursery (so about 2-3yrs time) though there are times I think about DH at work & wish we 'Job-Share' so we can both enjoy work & the children evenly.
  • Im not going back till September and already dreading it.

    I quite like my job, i went p/t when i went back after my son was born and work 4 days. He went to my Mams two days a week and mil's two days a week. He will start school in Sept so dont need to worry about him. I was planning on going back to the same arrangement but my little girl HATES my mil! she screams as soon as she looks at her! My current plan is to try and persuade hubby to let me work 3 days and let my Mam have her all the days i work!

    Wish I could win the lottery! image
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