Back from oz

Hay ladies,

Well we got back from Australia last night, went to see my parents and show Oliver off to them for the first time.They loved him and the kids loved it there.My dd told me she wants to stay with them and we go home.Will go back, hubby wants to go when its the ashes as my parents live near the wacka sp?.

Will put some pictures up when i get over jet lag and brain is working.x


  • Wow, longhaul with children, you are one brave woman.  Glad you had a good time.  Isn't nice when the kids wave you goodbye, wonder how long it'd be before they changed their minds after you leave without them...

    Oooh cricket is always fun, especially the ashes (good excuse for picnics).

    Look forward to the pics image

  • Yes the kids were really good on the plane, good as gold really. I dont normally like cricket but i am sure i would enjoy watching it live.When hubby has  uploaded them of thr camera i will put some pictures up.x

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