Birth Announcement!

It's a bit late but just to let you all know, our second beautiful boy arrived 1.20am on 1st April! He is called Liam and was 8lb 14.5oz at birth - but gaining quickly as he loves his mummy milk.

He had an exciting arrival into the world - had an unplanned homebirth on my hall floor by the front door, in front of hubby, a first responder and 2 paramedics! Midwife arrived half an hour too late. Was an amazing experience - my first birth ended in emcs, and i'd planned a vbac in water in hospital with this one - but he had other ideas. Was only in labour 1.5 hours, and hosp told me twice not to come in yet! The paramedics don't actually do anything except catch the baby, so i did it all by myself, and just feel such a sense of achievement!

He is just perfect, Ryan seems to like him, and i love having 2 little boys!

Hope everyone else is doing well.



  • Congrats Tigerlily was thinking you were due soon and here you are having had him!

    Exciting birth too bet your oh was shocked but at least you have experienced a VBAC !

    Love to all

    SB x

  • aww congrats to you both! all the best for the future image xxx

  • Lovely news! Congratulations xx
  • Congratulations fellow sept 2011 mummy!

    your birth story is amazing. Well done you!!


  • Huge congratulations to you.  Wow, what a birth story, you must be very proud.  Hope you're all settled in well together.

  • Wow congratulations, lovely birth story and a good weight. hope all is going well with little ones.xx


  • Hi tigerlilly


    How are you getting on with two?


    We are hoping to begin ttc in a relaxed way next month so will be in the same boat soon all being well.


    i hope you have recovered well and settling well together. X

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