Growing Up Too Fast...

Well my youngest has certainly grown up fast.  Now nearing 21mths she has almost all her teeth through & looks like a smaller version of her sister (people often ask if they're twins?!!)  Her speech is improving daily with 'o' words her favourite at present (No, Go, Oh No, Uh Oh, Oh Dear, Whoa, Toes...) & she has a love of animals regularly pointing out 'woof's, cats & ducks (though all winged creatures class as ducks at presentimage).  She is highly affectionate & loves making sure her big sister is ok & has what she wants (she calls her sister 'Mantha', we're still working on the 'Sa' at the startimage) along with looking after the other children at 'tots group' making sure they are all happy & offering cuddles if they are hurt or upset.  She loves being 'helpful' & will often try to carry bags of shopping for us, take rubbish to the dustbin, sweep the floor, dust the furniture & help mummy & daddy push the hoover/mop across the floor.  She is a 'tech wizard' & knows exactly how mummy & daddy's smart phones work, knows how to turn our computer on & off & how to use a mouse, her speed at learning never ceases to both amaze & scare us.

Hope all other Sept 11 children are doing well.  Best wishes. Xx

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