2nd Birthdays

Well the time is certainly flying by, our LOs are officially turning 2 this month (although Hannah thinks she's turned 7?!!!).

Hannah is a proper little madam (if the bigger kids can do it, I can too) with little to no fear.  She throws herself down slides, loves to climb things (whether or not she should) & generally can be found pushing her luck to the extreme.  We're a proper 'tom boy' with a love for adventure.

We're very affectionate & have no problems making friends when out & about (she does tend to head for the boys before the girls though, sigh) & likes to make sure everyone is OK.  We have also perfected the 'Diva' attitude with a proper 'pout' when having a tantrum (head lowers, arms get folded in a 'humpf' mode before stamping a foot), we also have the 'talk to the hand' pose down too.

Hope everybody else is ok & developing their own unique personalities.  Catch up with you all soon.


  • Lovely to hear from you Kazzie. Ollie was 2 Bank holiday week which seems so long away now. He is great fun to be around at the moment but the frustration tantrums are rearing their head. Much to my amusement.

    I am currently 28 weeks with number two so getting excited for the new chapter in our families life.

    Anyone else still come on? SB x



  • Lovely to hear from you SB.  Hope you're enjoying your final few weeks of pregnancy & that LO isn't being too much of a monkey (I know Samantha used to love 'helping' mummy prepare for baby's arrival, packing & unpacking my hospital bag for me).

    Some of the other mummys do still 'drop in' but it does seem to be less often now our children are older & more active.  One or two may be visiting other forums as they too have added to their families.

    Catch up again soon. X

  • Hi, glad you little one's are doing so well. Congratulation's spongebooby!! Oliver took his forst steps on his second birthday party which was a few days after his birthday, which for alot of people can seem very late but with how ill he has been, thats very good for him. He can't do alot fo things a normal 2 year old can do but is slowly (very) getting there. He is now being tested for chromosone problems, but still in very early stages to know what is wrong etc.... He still has a Mic Key button but does eat some foods. He is the most happiest little boy i have ever met to say what he has been through and loves giving cuddles and kisses to everyone. Trying to stay postive about it all but sometimes it is very hard.xx

  • It is wonderful experience to see our lil baby growing with naughty things. enjoy nad catch up all moment with birthday celebration. God bless her.

  • Hi

    Congratulations on the terrible twos everyone. I know I'm a bit late. Only just seen this one.

    CandiMum I'm sorry your wee boy has been through so much. And you too. But he sounds utterly adorable.

    We are expecting number 2 but I'm still just 11 weeks so nobody knows yet. Sort of equally dreading and very excited to be having two little ones around.image
  • Congratulations, so happy for you. I am sure all will go well for you. oliver has been through a lot but you really wouldn't of thought it, he was very close to dying  . Which at the time we didn't know about but found out at an appointment a few days after coming out. we really are so lucky to have him and count my blessings everyday. He lights up everyones day and makes me smile mad laugh even when I don't feel like it. Such a cheeky little boy.x

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