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3rd Birthdays Coming Around

Well the time is upon us once again, LOs are turning 3 (some of our little group already have...) & growing fast.


Hannah is a real tech wizard with a love for Leappad, IPad, IPod & Smartphones. She loves answering the phone when it rings (though throws a few people with her "Hello, is Hannah, I go now, Bye"...before handing over to us), loves animals & can't spend enough time in the great outdoors (she is 'Peppa Pig' in that she lives in her wellies when we allow & adores splashing in puddles...).

We are on the waiting list for nursery (she is beyond ready to go...) & hope to have a place for January. Samantha starts Reception this coming week so more Mummy & Hannah outings to come whilst awaiting nursery placement.


Hope everybody else is well & ok. Hope to catch up soon.

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