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Finding out sex

Is anyone planning to find out the sex of baby? We found out with both our son and daughter and as this is out last we have decided to stay team yellow...or try to.

I just hope we aren't asked at our 20 wk scan whether we want to know or not. I would love to experience finding out at the birth but don't think i would be strong enough to say no, i don't want to know, if asked directly.


  • My partner wants to keep it as a surprise but I really want to find out!! :lol:

    We found out we were having a girl first time round and kept our second as a surprise although we thought we saw 'boy parts' at our 20 week scan and didn't have it confirmed, he was a boy so we guessed correctly. xxx
  • we will b finding out this is our second and we found out we were having a boy last time x
  • We had a late 1st scan with our first so at 15 weeks we guessed he was a boy and had it confirmed at a private scan. lol
  • Oh no i dont know yet would like to stay yellow but so impatient lol plus the scans are so good nowa days its hard not to see!
  • i think we are gonna find out , we stayed team yellow for our first and it was lovely not knowing , even though we were correctly convinced it was a boy !!

    i quite fancy being prepared this time , so i know whether i need to get a whole new warerobe or not !! xx
  • We were a definite team yellow with our first, I had no desire to find out at all. But this time I really don't know, will decide nearer the time, I guess. x
  • I agree about being prepared carolesuk i have to say it really helped knowing the sex in preparing our first with his brother arriving calling him a boy and by his name(we picked it straight away lol) as he was only 2 7mnths god this time round my youngest will barely be 13 months oh no! lol :lol:
  • We have both agreed that we want to find out partly for practicality reasons, choosng a name etc.
  • We found out with both of ours so we were ready with clothes etc but we now have some girls and some boys bits and pieces. I wouldn't change finding out with our first 2, made things so much easier. I loved knowing but now I am looking forward to the wondering of the next 8 months. xx
  • G/C but wanted to say don't over prepare for a particular gender, they do sometimes make mistakes. DD1, everyone convinced us would be a boy, bump was high & to the front & thought that cord between her legs was 'boy parts'. It was only her high heartrate during labour that suddenly had MW exclaiming 'it's a girl'. Fortunately we had stayed fairly neutral with DD1 wearing & sleeping in brownie colours. Another lady on the ward at the same time joked with me about swapping our children as she'd been told she was expecting a girl & had decorated nursery pink & bought tonnes of dresses only to deliver a baby boy.
  • We didn't find out with DD and loved the surprise. I am quite tempted to find out this time but husband is saying a firm no... so if the lady asks at the scan I'll get hubby to talk else I might say yes!! x
  • We will be finding out! Did so with my first and can't wait to know whether this is team pink or blue!! Already have a ton of pink in the house with DD so wouldn't mind blue but will be ????ber happy whichever - just as long as there isn't one of each in there image
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