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First official scan date ladies - when is yours?

imageimage Hey ladies,

I got myself all booked into the system today and my a midwife called me up about an hour later to let me know when my 12 weeks scan will be..... very exciting! (very surprised how quick they sorted that out, as I was only went in to see GP today and she referred me to the birthing center as that is where I would like to give birth)

So I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we place all our scan dates on and one else like to join me.

Mummy2liam: Feb 16

Now_a_Mrs: Feb 17

kat_1986: Feb 20

Lambchop80: Feb 27

GiftUK1: Feb 28

Cherries023: Feb 28

mummy22beauboys Mar 1

Sarahbabeous: Mar 2

VivX: Mar 3

MummyEms: Mar 2

Carolesuk: Mar 6

BethJL: Mar 5

Emma108pd: Mar 5

Babydex: Mar 7

Angiebaby1988 Mar 7 (cancelled)

Mrs-Jed: Mar 8

Purple_tulip Mar 8

KittleLitten: Mar 9 (Angel twins)

Featherychicken Mar 9

Kimdunc:Mar 14

MrsLD Mar 22



  • ooh how exciting! image

    I've not heard anything yet xx
  • my scan is 9th March image (and booking appt is 8th February)
  • i have not even gone to the DOCs yet lol going next week i won't be 12 weeks till about 7th march not to sure i will update when i go to the DOCs lol
  • I have my booking in this coming Tuesday and have a scan booked for 16th Feb. It will be too early but they insist on going by when my last af was which was end Nov but I know I wasn't preg then. I'm not complaining image
  • I'm still waiting to hear on mine, should be around 10th feb onwards but haven't heard yet. Got my apt with midwife on 30th and when I spoke to her she said she'd book my scan. Will I have to wait till after I've seen her for the apt to come through?
  • Scan date came through this morning - 17th February
  • i cant see the mw untill after 8 weeks so i suppose i wont get mine for a while that is in few weeks time
  • Hey ladies we have about four ladies on the scan date list so far, so keep rolling them in as soon as you get them..... exciting times!
  • Mine came in the post today. image 5th March.

    We have a family party for my uncle's 70th on 3rd March, was hoping I'd get it before then, but JUST missed out! Ah well, never mind! xx
  • I'm still waiting for mine :cry:
  • Got mine today!

    Booking app 9th feb

    Scan 2nd march-day b4 my birthday!

    Have a private early scan this saturday-im excited!
  • I got mine in the post today! Can't wait! 9th March. Not telling work til after scan and already had to book day off for my booking apt. Not sure what excuse to come up with this time! xx
  • Got mine through yesterday and its the 27th February which seems a life time away !! I'll be nearly bang on 12 weeks though so should be pretty accurate dates wise.
  • Can you change me on the top list-my scan is 2nd march xx
  • Ps I have a private scan tomorrow so will let you know how I get on
  • Hey ladies

    I had my private scan and all is well!

    Good strong heartbeat!

    Im 8 weeks now-thought I was 7+4!

    Well worth every penny! I feel very reassured now
  • My scan is 20th of feb I'm all booked in with mw and got my consultant appointment all booked to, so excited just want it to be the 20th now image xx
  • All updated ladies, thats really good news sarahbabeous.

  • I had my scan through the post today but the date they want to scan me I'll be 14 weeks...isn't that too late??????
  • What's your date hun? or are you thinking of changing it mummyems
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