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Can I join you?!

Hi ladies! Just wanted to say hello! I got my BFP this morning! Think my EDD is 24.9.12. We are both over the moon. We have one son already who was born in April 2010. Have been trying for 4 months to make him a little brother or sister! Can't believe it has happened! Thought this bloated feeling was AF on her way! My booking in appointment is on the 9th feb and I can't wait. It's just as exciting second time round!

That's probably enough from me just wanted to say hi! Looking forward to getting to know you all! x


  • Hellllo featherychicken and welcome from the ttc 2 forum/thread to due in September!

    You weren't far behind me, congratulations on your BFP and your right it is just as exciting the second time round as the first! I don;t think it's going to become fully real until I have my 12 week scan.

    Looking forward to getting to know you over the coming months, i also really find BE a great support and I find out so many things from here that I would find out anywhere else, so it's great, I also used it using my pregnancy with my daughter.

    Have a happy and healthy 9 months.
  • Hi. Congratulations and welcome! This is my second, I have a 2 year old little girl. xx
  • Congrats and welcome!

    I'm off to the Dr this afternoon to get the ball rolling. I'll let have to have another appointment with GP before being referred for midwife booking in appointment! How long winded is that!!

  • Welcome! From my last AF my date is sept 20th, so we'll probably both be feeling similar!

    I haven't had any symptoms yet, just occasional period pain type cramps but feel great apart from that!

    The net mums weekly email is good as it tells you what's happening in your tummy even if you don't feel any different!
  • Thanks for the lovely messages! A few second/third timers on here then! I found it a lovely support first time round on here! x

  • Hello and Welcome! And Congratulations on your bfp image

    This is number 2 for us as well, our daughter will be 3 in May! We were aiming for a smaller age gap but it took a year ttc!

  • congrats hun and welcome this is my 4th hope to get to know everyone to
  • hey congrats and welcome !! im due 17th sept, i also have a lo , he was born in june 2010 , it looks like we are going to have a lovely bunch of ladies in this forum image
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