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Morning sickness = bleugh

Not been about much. Had my mil down staying for the more needs to be said on that subject :roll:

Morning sickness has kicked in a treat and is more like what I had with ds which landed me in hospital so desperately trying to keep as much fluids in as possible. Currently sitting eating grapes 1/2 at a time to see if slowing eating will help.

On the upside I have my booking in with my midwife today image

Only thing I'm not looking forward to is getting my blood taking but needs must.



  • well because they have to go with last period dates etc it puts me a bit further on than I am but they have to go with it. I know I'm not as far on as they think but it doesn't make a difference. My scan is Feb 16th which will only make me 10 weeks.
  • How are you feeling now, is the sickness still bad ?

    In my last pregnancies I was extremely sick and couldnt hardly keep anything down but luckily this time its been very minimal in comparison. I feel sick alot and its worse if i'm hungry (which is every hour or so) but other than that I can cope.
  • I've just got out of hospital which I managed to avoid with baby no1 but not this one!! It's horrible isn't it?!!
  • Mine seems to be all day sickness, every day image When will it end!! Hubby isn't very sympathetic either, his response is "well you wanted a baby". If only he felt like this!!

    Anyone got any tips for easing it? I've tried ginger biscuits, eating little and often and sea sickness bands but nothing seems to work!
  • The actual being sick has eased a bit, I'm sick every now and again but feel sick aaaaalllllll day. The only thing that is working this time is sitting on my ass and not moving which is ok at weekends when hubby is home but not so easy to do during the week
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