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I'm bleeding :(

oh this is rubbish, I'm bleeding. It's just brown blood just now, looks really like the stuff at the start of my period, I know the drill brown means old lots of folk bleed in pregnancy, I just can't shake this horrible feeling that something is wrong image


  • Hi Kitten

    I've heard that about one third of pregnant women bleed during pregnancy so it's not as unusual as you might think. It might spell a problem if the bleeding is accompanied by strong cramping. I've also heard that if it's old blood it should be fine. Perhaps you could call your mw tomorrow? They might be willing to give you an early pg scan to put your mind at ease. I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry at this stage. I've read lots of posts by ladies on this site that said they have bled but then they went on to have a healthy baby.

    I hope everything turns out ok for you x
  • Hi kitten. I bled with my first baby around 8 weeks. It was both brown and red at times. But MW told me it was common. My best friend has bled through her first 16 weeks and her baby is ok. Another lady I know also had loads of early bleeding and had a healthy baby boy 2 months ago. What I'm trying to say is it is really common. I know it's worrying. I get paranoid about everything still! Go to your MW and get it checked though.

    Hope it stops soon image x x
  • Sending lots of love and hugs. xxxxx
  • Is there an early pregnancy unit near you? You can either refer yourself for an early scan or ask the GP to. It might well be nothing and a scan will put your mind at rest. Hope it all settles down soon for you x
  • The EPAU just phoned me back, they aren't worried unless the bleeding is very heavy and goes on for more than 48 hours. The bleeding seems to be slowing down thankfully, and I don't think I've bled anywhere near enough yet for it to have been a m/c, but I still feel really weird. Might be due to not sleeping very much last night though lol!

    She said I've to phone them back again on Sunday to see how things are, and if I'm still worried they'll get me in for a scan on Monday or Tuesday next week.

    That seems like a good compromise to me, as it stands just now I really don't think I've lost the baby and if I don't bleed much more then I don't think I'll go in for the scan, NHS resources are stretched enough as it is.....
  • Hi Kitten

    I'm glad to hear that the bleeding is slowing down. The EPAU sounds like they are very supportive.

    I hope everything works out ok and that the bleeding stops
  • hey Kittle, glad to hear the bleeding has slowed down, hope everything things is ok with you hun. ((Big hugg))

  • Its gotten worse again :cry:
  • Is it still brown in colour? Do you have any pain? I would call EPAU tomorrow and arrange for a scan,

    Take care x
  • oh sweetheart im sorry you are experiencing bleeding , how are you doing now - has it stopped ?? xxx
  • I've just said a prayer for you hun as i'm a Christian. Let us know how your getting along.

  • Thank you so much GiftUK.

    My bleeding alot worse last night, with clots and very painful. i called the hospital this morning and they brought me in for a scan. I am having a m/c image BUT it was twins and the other one is measuring bang on for dates and saw the heart fluttering!!! Very mixed emotions. Also very painful as I'm miscarrying but all I can take is paracetamol because I'm pregnant!! They're not sure what will happen with the other one, but right now it's OK. Have to go back up in 2 weeks for another scan, and rest up as much as possible in the meantime.

    Weird day.....
  • Good luck and take care xx
  • Oh my word Kittle, what a rollercoaster!

    Hope you're ok, take care. xxx
  • Sorry to hear what you are going through. Praying for the other bean to be sticky for you. Take care x x
  • oh my goodness that must have been a maasive shock - i hope your ok and the pain subsides really quickly xxx
  • sorry hun hope the other bean is sticky i hope i can give you a little hope my friend was PG with twins and lost one and went on to have a lovely little boy and she is PG again with twins fingers crossed for you hun and you are in my thoughts xx
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