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Hello Ladies, I wonder if I can hover in this group as DIO not quite up and running yet, also I am due 3rd Oct and my last baby was born 3 weeks early so this one it could be a Sept baby. x


  • Of course! Get involved image 3 weeks early bet that was a surprise mine are always late!! Lol
  • Havent been on here for ages but gc from born in april. Congrats on your pregnancy apricot moon! Remember talking to you over in pregnancy last time as i wa debating going to the mlu in bishop x
  • Hi and congratulations on your pg! My DS was 2 weeks early last time but even if that happens this time I'll still be in September! image
  • Congratulations!! From my dates I'm due at the end of August but my babies always come late so I'm sticking around in this group xx
  • Hi Apricotmoon good to see you got your BFP and moving from the tcc forum to due in step/octo, I sent you a privet message at the end of december, but never did get a reply form you. Have you change the settings on your privet message inbox.

    Hope all is well.
  • Thanks ladies, and hello soexcited I remember you too, how is your wee one now? Where did you end up birthing?

    Sorry Giftuk I haven't changed my settings and see your message there, it's not something I check very often.

    It was a surprise to have dd come 3 weeks early mamma22beauboys, I had just finished work and was looking forward to a rest before the birth, haha she has kept me on my toes since.x
  • Hi apricot moon,

    Were you in the Due in March 11? I recognise your name?

    Kim x
  • Yes Kim I was Due in March 2011, had my daughter 3weeks early 16th Feb. Were you in that forum too?x
  • Yeah, my little boy was born 26th March. I think my screen name has changed but i dont know why or how! You must live near (ish) to us, we're close to Middlesbrough xx
  • Yes we are Bishop Auckland so not too far away, we would shop at Teeside park sometimes.x
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