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A word of encouragement to everyone during this sad time.

Hello ladies, hope your all doing well and the nausea isn't too bad at the moment. I just wanted to give a word of encouragement to you all, as it has and still is a sad time for us all as we have had bad news from two of our lovely ladies, both Brandnewifey and Kittlelitten. Our thoughts go out to the both of you and we pray for peace to rest in both your hearts after this saddening experience both of you just gone though.

Times like this can make one feel fearful and begin to worry if it could happen to me or you or if it could happen again, but we have to try and have a positive spirit and believe that the next pregnancy will be just fine, and for those of us still part of this forum believe that our babies will get though these nine months.

Brandnewifey and Kittlitten, please try and stay strong we will always be here for you if you want a chat or shoulder to cry on. (((Big hug)))



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