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Had an early scan...

I had an early scan on wednesday and it's twins! image We were so shocked when he told us, but there were quite clearly 2 little heartbeats flickering away on the screen. I'm trying to imagine what it's going to be like having 3 babies under 2!! Lol. And feeling worried for them because I know having twins has more risks. Can't wait for the next scan now to see them more clearly image


  • Wow!! how exciting! congratulations xx
  • Thats great news!! image

    Congratulations and I'm pleased everything is well xx
  • Oh my goodness me!! image

    So glad all is well. I have a friend who had three under 16 months, crazy lady, and she coped fine. At least they'll be keeping a very close eye on you now.

  • Awww congratulations!! That's lovely news! They will all be such good friends being that close image
  • A huge congrstulations from me, i'm secretly hoping something like that happens to me as i would love twins. I'm so happy for you, as it's an early scan did you see the babies moving around or where they still? xxx
  • Congratulations, lovely news xx
  • Thank you image We feel so blessed to have 2 precious babies on the way. Giftuk there wasn't much obvious movement except the flickering hearts. The picture we have is very fuzzy, not clear babies like you get at 12 weeks. I'll keep my fingers crossed you have the same thing happen at your scan!
  • Wow!! Did you have any signs that you might be having more than one? I am a twin and its absolutely fab!
  • It was very much a surprise but I had definitely noticed how big I was. I kept complaining my jeans were too tight. Now I know there's a good reason for it I've given in and got my maternity jeans out! I've had nausea but not been sick yet so no give away there. My mum wasn't surprised as there's a lot of twins on her side of the family. But I just never thought it would be us expecting them!
  • Oh my gosh...that is my dream!!!! Congratulations!!! Hard work I bet but soooooo much fun!! x x x x
  • Ohhhh congratulations!! I would LOVE twins. i have always wanted 4 of my my own but dh and I agreed on 3 as with his other ds we technically have 4 so I would be over the moon if I was expecting twins. They don't run in the family though so not much chance, lol.

    What a wonderful surprise for you x
  • oh wow congratualtions that is fab news xxx
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