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What names do we all like?

Just thought it would be nice to see what names we have in mind!

My ds names are Rory and Toby so I a boy we are struggling to find a name I would like it to end in y I like Cody but dh hates it lol and we both liked Fraser don't mind perry which dh likes.

For a girl it would be Isabelle and middle name Cheri I think

image what about you?

Kayleigh 10+ 1


  • We have ds Liam and dd Isabella (Bella).

    For a boy the only name we can agree on is Jeffery but I go through phases of not being sure. Other than that one dh doesn't like any other names for a boy.

    For a girl we have Gracie Anne.

    Esther 9+4
  • We have ds Tommy and dd Lillia, I find choosing a name so difficult, we always seem to find a name we both like and then once we see our babies for the first time we change there name our ds was going to be Brandon and our dd was going to be Lilly (not much change in hers) i've got a few names I like not yet discussed anyt image hing with my oh but for a boy I like Ellis and Jack and for a girl i like Emmie and Ava.

    Kat 10+6
  • Sorry girls excuse the little smily face in the middle of the word anything not quite sure how it got there xx
  • We already have a girl called Islay (pronounced EYE LAH) and finding other girl's names really difficult...I kind of like Molly but not 100%. We do like Rory Thomas for a boy. It's more diffcult when you already have a child cause it has to go with that too!!! (Otherwise we would quite like Delilah!!). x
  • MummyEms I love Delilah but dh won't go for it. Another one was Talulah but again he said no. :roll:
  • I LOVE Tallulah too but DH hates it...MEN!!! x
  • my girls names are ISABELLA (BELLA) or CAITLIN.

    We already have a DS called Harrison and that took until he was born to decide on that , so we are really struggling on a boys name - i like thomas but a good friend already has a thomas !!

    ill be keeping an eye on this thread for inspiration !
  • We already have Tegan & Leo and we're really struggling with boys names although we both like Reuben, middle name David after my partners gramps.

    For a girl we both like Lola rose and Maddison rose.

    I'm sure the names will keep on changing though :/ xx
  • We have a long list!!

    DS is called George and our ideas so far are:

















  • Cherries023 I like Leo and funnily enough Reuben and its the bands name we had for our first dance at our wedding, but a friend of ours has it - don't know why but it kinda puts you off when someone you know has it! Lol I always liked lorelai or lilliana for a girl but dh said I was mental lol x
  • My four month old is called Harry Joseph, and it took us ages to get that!!! Had loads of girls name..





    I like tommy for a boy, but my cousin is called tommy! X
  • We have a wee boy called jamie,

    For girl, I like charley, other half doesn't and so far only name we agree on is abbie,

    So far cannot find another boys, alex is a maybe

    Who knew picking names was so difficult, x
  • i have DD1 megan bay (7 YO) DD2 ella faith (5 YO)and DS ethan blake (7 months)we have no names yet
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