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Has anyone started to notice your bump yet?

I don't know whether i'm starting to get a little paranoid but i keep seeing a few people who know me well at work gland down at my tummy area. i'm not expecting them to realise anything as number i just had a baby, so a girl is allowed to still carry baby weight and two since i've been back i haven't been wearing tight clothing. i really hate this stage in preganacy when people try and figure things out when there is no need for them too. a little bit of a moan sorry ladies.

Is anyone else going through this?



  • I definitely have a bump but the only people I see on a daily basis already know. Just let them glance and enjoy the fun of knowing your secret!!

  • Hiya,

    G/C from due in July, I had an obvious bump in December so about the time you are all now. My sister clocked my bump and didnt dare say anything in case it was just podge! lol image

    When I told her moments later (I knew she'd clocked the bump) she said she'd already guessed!

    Some people just show quicker then others. I am far bigger then others who are due the same time or even before me!

    I know it was hard hididng it and people at work kept making comments which is something I wouldnt do if I suspected someone else was pregnant. I think its private to the mummy to be and she will tell people when she is ready to tell them.

    However people love to guess and also get it right so you will always get those who will directly ask you!

  • I'm desperately trying to keep my ever growing belly hidden from people at work until after the scan. Luckily my uniform is quite baggy so that's fine, but I wear my own clothes to and from work and I'm paranoid someone's going to clock that I'm wearing maternity jeans!! Apart from that my mum keeps telling me that I'm "growing nicely". It doesn't look like a bump though. I just look like I'm getting chubby :lol:
  • I just can't wait until my scan so thst if anyone asks i can confidently say yes. just over a week to go. xx
  • I've definitely got a bump, but it's not noticeable to other people yet, thankfully! It's only a little one, so my normal clothes are all still fine.
  • nobody has really noticed mine but with the cold weather i have been wearing big ol jumpers and things, although my DH did say the other day when i was gettin changed, oh look you really do have a bump now look at that sticking out....Thanks love! ahaha bless em!
  • I definitely have a bump and like you mamma22beauboys my oh said to me last night whilst I was getting changed oh wow you have a little bump all ready, I was the same with my little girl, and once I got to about 20wks my bump just seemed to stay the same size for ages didn't get very big towards the end either, I love it though. Scan Monday yay then I can then tell the world lol image xx
  • yep just starting to get one now - no one has seemed to notice though , maybe they are just being kind !!! xx
  • Yep I've defo got a bump, I've lost 8lb+ from being sick and it sticks out quite a bit when I've just got a tank top and trousers on!! Oh is the only one to have noticed, this is probably down to the fact I've not been out of bed and seen any one in weeks :lol:

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