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Not sure if i am in the right group!?

I had worked out my due date to be 29th Sept but been for my booking in appointment with the midwife today and she has said im due 1st Oct, so not sure if i should move to 'due in Oct 2012' although my son was 2 weeks early so maybe i should hover between the two xx


  • My dates put my due date as being the 13th Sept. My midwife has down I'm due 31st Aug. With my son I said he was due 5/07/09, mw said 12/07/07, he was born the 5th lol. The dates give you the choice to choose for yourself. In my born in Dec group (my daughter) we have girls who went early in Nov and late into Jan. xx
  • Yes I am hovering between here and DIO my dd is 3rd Oct but last time dd came 3 weeks early so could be Sept.x
  • Hmmm ok my mw said 12/07/09 not 12/07/07
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