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had my booking in appointment

on tuesday, was a bit late at 11+6 weeks image but I got there in the end.

got to phone her tomorrow to see if she's been able to book me in for a scan yet, she said I should get one in the next week so I'm excited for that although not looking forward to the hour & a half round trip in the car while I'm feeling sick. And I'm praying that they don't change my dates.

She done my blood pressure which she said was extremely low at 100/54 but again I guess its to be expected when I've not been out of bed for weeks and can't keep much down :roll:

Also looking forward to picking up my bounty pack, I love freeeee things :lol: got a free mam anti colic self sterilising bottle through the post earlier which was rather exciting.

Hope you ladies are getting on well with appointments & scans xxx


  • Ooooh yay about the scan! but not so good about the trip. How are you feeling now?

    My blood pressure is always very low, to the point when I was in hospital with my son they kept checking it as they were worried until they noticed it was the same in my notes. I feel fine though so it's never been a worry.

    Ooooh I forgot about my bounty pack. Will need to get it.
  • I still feel awful, counting down the days til im 16+ weeks as apparently it should ease off then!!

    How have you been feeling?

    I really cannot wait for my bounty pack, I love free things!! :lol: xx
  • hey i had my appointment last thur and my bp was 100/50 but said that was ok , i thought it seemed a little low but she assured me it was fine !!!
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