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I'm back! Been feeling really bleugh!

Hi ladies! I havent been on here for ages cos Ive been really sick :roll: had virus and flu and morning sickness all at the same time for past 3 weeks. Had to keep going to work as no one else is able to do my job yet. So when I've been getting home I've been falling asleep as soon as DS goes to bed at 7! Just starting to feel better now though morning sickness is still there (wish I hadn't wished for symptoms now!)

How is everyone else holding up?! Have I missed much got lots of threads to catch up on I see! image



  • Hey, welcome back. Sorry you have had such a rubbish time. What do you work as?

    I'm good, had bad nausea for a while but it seems to be calming down now. I have been knackered and like you been falling asleep as soon as my kids were in bed. I forgot how horrid the first few weeks could be.

  • Hi hun,

    I was wondering where you were. Sorry to here you've been feeling so down. How many weeks are you now? I'm 10 +1 and feeling really really tired in the evenings when I get back from work and put my daughter to bed.

    Hope work is going well.

    Take care image
  • Oh no, poor you, that sounds horrible! Glad you're feeling somewhat better.

    I'm still really sick, all day nausea and sick once or twice a day. DH has the day off today and took dd swimming late morning, so I went back to bed and slept, it was bliss! image

    Hope we all feel better soon. xx
  • Sorry to hear you've been feeling so bad featherychicken. I hope your feeling a whole lot better now? I'm amazed that you've still been able to go to work, just the thought of going to work at the moment is enough to make me sick :lol: however I am looking forward to being well enough to go back. xxx
  • hiya , sorry you are feeling so rubbish , only a few more weeks and you will be over the yuckyness

    been awful too , and having a sickness phobia its not a nice conbination , anyway my lovely doctor has given me some tablets and im feeling lots better now xx
  • Been really rubbish and not managed to get on for nearly a week again!

    Mummy2liam I work as a finance manager which is ok but really short of staff and my boss is a real slave driver. She has 3 kids and works from 8 til 8 and expects everyone to be the same as her! I feel guilty walking out at 4.30 but want a balanced work/family life!

    Hi gift I am 9+4 now and just plodding on day by day. I either forgot how hard it was in the early stages or having another LO already makes it harder. I'm not sure...

    Hope we are all better soon too! Seeing MW tomorrow lunchtime which is something to look forward to! Might ask about sickness tablets carolesuk! They sound good! xx
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