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Best websites

Hi Ladies,

I was just wondering what sites people were joining for getting all the good freebies?

So far I have joined:

Sainsburys and Tesco baby clubs



Boots mother and baby


Just wondering if there were any out there that were good for money off coupons or freebies as after all every penny counts now image


  • Pampers!!! cow and gate and you get a cute c&g cuddly cow. I've gotten one for both liam and bella so will be getting another for this one. They all have their cows lol
  • I signed up to something on 'mam' a while back and reviewed a free baby bottle in the post on Friday, it's clever too as its anti colic and it self sterilises in the microwave too, I was rather impressed! So it's worth a try...

    Have you been buying baby magazines? I usually find there's a lot of links in those for free things image xxx
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