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sickness has almost gone!!

I've not been sick in about a week! Wooooo! In the morning I feel like if I take a coughing fit I will start to wretch but it goes as soon as I eat. Soooo glad that part is over (i hope!!!) :lol:


  • yay that is fab , looks like you are coming out the other side , yay !!

    now you get the nice bit image xx
  • I'm so jelous! It still hits me from 4pm everyday and i think im eleven weeks this week. well done u xxx
  • Yay I'm pleased for you it, hopefully it's gone for good!! image

    Must admit I'm a little jealous though, I've still got it day & night :roll:

  • I'm so glad, it's not completely disappeared. Every morning I kinda get a queasy feeling and know if I cough my head will be in the toilet but like I said above, once i eat it goes. I'm 11 weeks on Thursday so getting there. I find if I feel a bit off at any point polos or anything pepperminty stops it. xx
  • I'm gonna get me some polo's in that case :lol: xx
  • honestly it works. Polos, softmints, chewing gum. Peppermint is known for having calming effects on the stomach. peppermint tea (if you like herbal tea) is another good one xx
  • I'm not sure I could stomach the tea but I am more than willing to try the others!!xx
  • lol I'm not the biggest herbal tea fan either but thought I would say just in case x
  • thanks image I don't usually drink any hot drinks but I seem to have a bit of a thing for normal tea... Really cannot get enough of it!! xx
  • I'm the opposite. I love tea/coffee/hot choc but I've gone off all hot drinks lol xx
  • pregnancy really is strange. I'm normally a fizzy fan, but just the thought of it makes me queezy! I'm looking forward to the part in pregnancy where i can eat & drink whatever i like just because im pregnant :lol: xx
  • I know!! For the past 3 nights I've only managed a salad because I can't eat anything that is cooked as most of it is quite stodgy (being vege means most of it is cheese based.) Beans is another one I can't stomach, even the smell of them. lol xx
  • I'm the same with beans, and I normally have them at least once a day.

    I'm pretty much living on water, tea, weetabix, cheerios and egg toasties! I did however manage to eat a curly wurly yesterday which was quite exciting!! and I think I might try some of oh's spag bol for t later...oh and maybe some chocolate gateau as it keeps winking at me when I open the fridge :lol: xx
  • Ha weetabix and cheerios for me too alongside salad, irn-bru and fruity ice-lollies. I did have 2 cinnamon and raisin bagels today but they are sitting quite heavy now so probably won't be able to eat anything else until tomorrow image xx
  • oh dear that's not good, but im sure if it tasted good at the time its worth it! ahh id literally do anything for a pint of irn bru right now, mmmm!

    Forgot ive been eating mini milk and twister ice lollies, they go down well! i swear i lived on them when i was pregnant with my daughter! xx
  • lol they were amazing at the time. anything milky - apart from with cereal - is a no go. Has to be fruity. Tesco value ice lollies 10 for ??1 are perfect. With my daughter it was the baby carrots from boots - the ones in the lunch meal deal thing. Carrots from anywhere else I could take or leave but boots ones I HAD to have. xx
  • I'm loving milk, however my stomach doesnt apreciate it in large glasses :roll:

    carrots is a bit of a strange one, but if they taste good then why not! xx
  • I have never understood why these particular carrots though...they were raw carrots!! haha. Never had them since she was born. xx
  • You are so lucky, I thought mine was gone yesterday when I woke up and realised I didnt feel sick but by 10am it was back.

    3pm is my worst time, and by 4pm i'm dying which is not good as I have dinner to cook for 4 people at that time !!!
  • I honestly don't know how you manage to cook dinner, I can barely make toast & butter it :lol: xx
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