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Have you?.....

Bought anything yet? Or have you been looking at things you may want to buy?

I can't stop browsing all these baby sites and planning what I'm going to buy, I know it's early days but I really can't help it :lol:

Cherries 12+6 xxx


  • I've bought 1 baby gro and 1 vest lol. We have a kids "recycling" shop in our town where everyone hands in all their old baby stuff like clothes, cots, moses baskets, toys etc so I paid 10p for the vest and 40p for the baby gro.

    I'm trying not to look too much yet but have been researching which bottles I want etc. We have used Dr Browns which were fiddly and tommee tippee which i didn't like at all.

    We need a new moses basket, bottles and bouncy seat but as for clothes etc we have everything from Liam and Bella so not planning on buying too much....i don't think!!
  • Wow that's so cheap, we have nothing like that in our area. Hoping that once I'm better I can find an NCT sale to go to image

    We have nothing left from my other two so have to get everything again!! We've got our phil & teds double but I want a new travel system I think.

    I got a free mam bottle through the post last week, obviously I've not used it yet but it looks really good and easy to use. It's anti colic and it also self sterilises, which is a bonus! Xx
  • The girls from my BID group have said Mam bottles are the best. Said that they are so easy to use and sterilize and 1+ year on they still work great.

    The shop is great, it's a little community one, has loads of buggies too inc 2 big silver cross ones (my dream pram if we didn't need a car). They are doing a bumpathon in May where you get your bump painted for charity. I'm hoping I have a bump big enough to do it! lol

  • ive had a little play with this bottle and I think we're going to buy some more, it looks so easy to use. I intend to breastfeed and introduce one formula bottle feed from a few weeks old. we used Dr Browns with my son and we got on ok but occasionally the milk would come out of the screw top and they were a pain to clean!!

    Wow that sounds amazing, I'd love to do something like that!! Those bump cast's look like fun too! xx
  • yeah I've told dh I want a bump cast! I did like the Dr Browns bit after the initial excitement (used them with our 1st) they were more annoying!! lol

    Think I'm going with the mam this time too. I'm still not too sure how I'm feeding this one yet but plan to have a few bottles to hand either way xx
  • the Dr browns are too fiddly!

    I'm going to buy bottles and formula in ready, so its there if we need it. my son was had breast and bottle from the beginning as he was such a hungry monkey!

    Im not sure if you have to buy a proper casting kit or whether you can get away with doing paper mache on your bump :lol: it looks the same if you ask me :roll: just need to vaseline your bumo first so it doesn't stick I guess? :? xx
  • haha oh I can imagine the fun my dh would have paper macheing me!! Could probably get a kit cheap enough on ebay! xx
  • just think the kids will enjoy it too :lol: xx
  • Ohhhh the mess!! They are bad enough trying to eat super noodles. Bella will try to eat it as she does with everything and Liam will rub it on his face (that's his new thing, last nights mac and cheese got put on like foundation!!)
  • haha just think of the family fun :lol:

    noodles are always messy business, along with spag bol...i think mine just put their face flat on the plates judging by the look of them at the end xx
  • Bella holds her spoon in one hand and grabs a handful of whatever is on the plate with other and tries to shove it all in.

    With toast both of mine like jam or peanut butter and they literally put the toast flat on their faces and put a hole in the middle. The do the same with tuna sandwiches which I can't handle the smell of at the best of times! xx
  • haha that made me laugh. Leo does exactly the same with toast and sandwiches. its so messy though, he gets it in his hair too.

    How old are Liam & Bella? My eldest Tegan is just over 4 and Leo is going to be 3 in april. xx
  • I've bought a mamas and papas gliding crib off eBay for ??35. Was such a bargain and right near us. I've got it at my mums. Thought if the worst happens I can sell it on x
  • We are assuming Bella will be out of our cot by the time baby is out of the moses basket so hoping we don't need a new one.

    Cherries, Liam is 2.5, will be 3 in July, Bella is 14 months, will be 2 in December. Liam is due to start nursery in Aug but we have decided to hold off as we don't want him starting just a couple of weeks before the new baby arrives in case he feels pushed out.

  • Hi ladies, i've seen losds of reviews on the mams bottles and i think i'm going to invest in them too this time. i used tommee tippee with my daughter which wasn't bad at all but this seems better.

    A lady made a comment that the bottles can't be warmed up in a warmer and need to be placed in a microwave for example when your out any about. however, there is a a solution to this as with my daughter i always carried hot water in a flask and formula power separatly so would make up the bottle on the go; which worked just fine. xxx
  • We did the same with Bella's bottles when we went out. Just seemed nicer for her to have them freshly made. I think it mam we are going with since everyone has great things to say. xx
  • I've not bought anything but with my son only 9 months old I still have a lot of the stuff i'll need. Tbh I think the only thing is newborn clothing as I sold everything from 0-3 months as I wasnt planning on having a 3rd baby !

    If this bump is a boy (which is what I suspect) then from 3 months we're set as I have all my sons stuff but if its a girl we'll need to buy all new stuff as I gave my daughters stuff to my friend once I found out #2 was a boy !

    I might get a new moses basket as my one looks a bit tatty. I love my pushchair but its well used and has developed a few faults, would like to get another one (still the same pushchair though as i'm yet to find a double anywhere near as good as this one) but I dont think hubby will agree as he didnt want to pay out for the one we have in the first place as we had a phil and teds first but I hated it !
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