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9+ weeks, bleeding last night!

hiya ladies, well i had a little bleed last night and it frightened the life out of me image

Ive had no further bleeding but phoned the midwife just in case, ive been told to ring her back if i have any more bleeding.

It wasnt fresh blood as such, pinky/browny blood. I was so terrified and still am in case it happens again!

Has anyone else experienced this?

xxxx image


  • g/c from dios. i had a small bleed with my ds at 6 and 8 weeks. had early scans and all was fine!! x
  • So sorry to hear this hun, i can imagine how scared you must be right now. how are u feeling today has the bleeding stopped? Fingers crossed for u. hopefully it's nothing serious

    keep us posted. x
  • Yep I had this about 8 weeks. It is very scary when it happens. Just keep an eye on it and try to rest up as much as you can. You can still get implant bleeds at 9 weeks. The fact it wasn't fresh is a good sign. xx
  • well ladies ive had no more bleeding since so am hoping all is well! still waiting to receive my scan letter but LEEDS are soooooo slow hehe xxx
  • Fingers crossed all is okay, I had the same with my son and everything turned out just fine.

    Try to rest/relax- easier said than done I know xxx
  • It's soo scary when that happens gla your feelin better just take it easy! I had a bleed with ds2 at 5 and 8 weeks at 8 weeks I passed a blood clot about the size of an orange the hospital thought I miscarried and wrote the forms ready, when I went to epu next day there baby was beating away! image

    K 11+6 xxxx
  • i had this quite a few times in my last preg, this time ive not had any.

    It is quite normal alot of ppl get it. did u get offered a scan?

    try not too worry x
  • Hi

    I bled with my son from 4 weeks till 18 weeks near enough every weekend, it was fresh blood and 10x more heavier than a period!! I was terrified all the time but I had my beautiful baby boy last September!

    Thankfully no bleeding in this pregnancy!! Try not to worry it really doesn't sound like anything to worry about. It's so common!! Xx
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